01/20 [trans] YoungSaeng – Fashion Magazine Cosmopolitan February Issue

Magazine Scan: minihp.cyworld.com/mong7720 + SS601 + rmdkdl.com (YoungSaeng focus)
English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
Please repost with full credits

Heo Young Saeng “Q & A”

Q: My Name is?
A: Heo Young Saeng~~!!

Q: An event which I’d like to do for my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?
A: A CD which includes a song and a video written & created by myself as a gift.. ^^

Q: Mushy things I wish to say to someone I love
A: “It seems like i have been saving these words up till now so that i can say to you… “‘I.Love.You.”

Q: The greatest thing i’ve done for a girl i love is?
A: Got cheated 5 times but turned a blind eye..

Q: I am not dating… reason is?
A: Despite me crazily being nice,, but seems like girls prefer bad boy more!!!

Q: If i fall in love I will change
A: Modestly

Q: What is your method of dealing with girls?
A: Pretending to be indifferent!!

Q: The last time when i fell out of love was because?
A: I was being too nice

Q: The reason why i dont have a girlfriend now is because?
A: I did all that I’ve done!!

Q: If i have a girlfriend, the first thing i’d like to do with her is?
A: Simply talk about everything honestly over a cup of soju!!

Q: Gift which I want to receive and give for Valentine’s Day is?
A: I want to receive a car and give my heart

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