01/20 [trans] Cosmopolitan February 2011 – KyuJong Question & Answer

Source: gooddaysports.co.kr
Chinese translation: 默默 @ http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
Chinese proofing: redcat111 & Cheunya @ http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Editor’s word

Quite good to be uneven
Heo YoungSaeng & Kim KyuJong

“2 person with mismatching behaviors are also good!”
Just a word, will show a wonderful thing.

It seems like, during the process of hundreds camera flashes, both of their poses have never once appeared disordered, repeated, followed suit or leave blank. Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong’s each movements are like ‘concave’ and ‘convex’. One will be sitting and the other will be standing; One will stretch his arm, the other will squeeze his body to leave space; One will gaze forward, the other will quietly get closer to the center. It is just like some kind uneven branches but having rather harmonious feel.

One of the most sad news last year is news of SS501 members going on their solo activities. Although each has go on their own way, but looking at the duo who looked like a set, joining the same company’s Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong standing side by side taking photographs, ‘awesome sense of picture composition’ kind of feeling will automatically surface. This interesting sentiment is created from the combination of proper asymmetry and balance sense.

Heo YoungSaeng who will appear infront of his fans with a brand new album soon, and Kim KyuJong who will make his first step as an actor, can foreseen whether these two person’s pace will be mismatching, however the result should be moving forward from SS501 vanishing point. Believing and liking that.

KyuJong Questions & Answers

Q: My Name?
A: Kim KyuJong.

Q: If use a sentence to introduce myself?
A: Completely Perfect Man.

Q: During Valentine day this type of special day, words that you want to tell your girl friend are?
A: “Really, no matter how much have been done, my heart that wishes to give everything to you. Now, not knowing when will meet again before the departure, fight (go on battle) more dignified, fight (go on battle) more dignified. I love you…”
Written by Writer Kim KyuJong

Q: Greatest thing ever done for girl you love?
A: Risk the life! Just for her!

Q: My love is……
A: Get along first then see

Q: Reason is……
A: The more you know a girl the more difficult it is to understand

Q: If fall in love I will turn……
A: Become romantic (Although people around me said it doesn’t match me)

Q: What kind of girl will let me show my best trick?
A: Don’t know what is consider as my best trick, I will only fall in love with a person.

Q: If have a girl friend, things most wanted to do are?
A: Holding hands to date in cinema, amusement park, shopping.

Q: During Valentines Day if give ‘Myself’ as a present to girl friend, hope to wrap up which portion nicely to give her?
A: Heart beat, only beating for her.

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