01/18 [trans] Park JungMin “SS501 first solo, I am not alone” (Interview)

Credits : nobodyin@mk.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Park JungMin is back as a solo artiste. After ending contract with their previous agency, each member moved to different agencies, and he is the first out of the 5 members to make a solo comeback. Solo title song is called ‘Not Alone’, meaning that he is not alone.

In fact, Park JungMin’s comeback was supposed to be end-November last year. Due to the sudden case of YeonPyeong-do incident, the album was delayed for almost 2 months.

However, Park JungMin’s expression remains bright. “When the incident happened, I was in Japan. Having to hear this sad news overseas, I think I felt the mixed feeling more than anyone else. Frankly speaking, I was really lost initially. But finally, I thought that this was not the time to release an album and I made up my mind. As a result, it seems like it is a wise decision.”

Teaser video of ‘Not Alone’ had already been released in mid-November. The teaser video includes gay, and other outcastes in the society. Being recognised as a member of SS501 and as an idol singer, Park JungMin’s teaser video was completed with serious and heavy social message, which will soon become a hot topic.

“It is natural for a singer who does popular music to sing love song. But now, simply because I don’t want to sing simple love songs. Even if it is not about social messages, I still want to fill my album with something of different meanings. I hope to fill the album together with my current image as a soloist too.


In fact, ‘Not Alone’ which Park JungMin played a part in writing the lyrics, is a song that has lyrics which can be interpreted into different meanings. It can be interpreted as the desperate feeling towards a loved one, or it can also be interpreted as embracing someone who has been outcaste in the society. But more than anything else, the lyrics can also be interpreted to signify Park JungMin’s new start as a solo musician and not as one of the five members during SS501 days.

Musically-wise, the awesomeness and retro are being expressed at the same time. The awesome orchestration sound in the introduction and the powerful beat of electronic source throughout the whole song, makes a feeling of determination. The melody construction is also the same and the electronic sounds are overall being minimised, making it somewhat different from the trend these days. The general feel to this is that it is an extension of SS501 and it is fine even to be greater than that.

“Frankly speaking I thought very hard about which type of music I should choose. Why I’ve chosen ‘Not Alone’ is because I am convinced that I am able to stay true to this song than those other potential title songs given. If a singer cannot be 100% touched by the song, then the public will not be moved by the song, this I learnt it from experience. I can’t deny that there are still traces of SS501’s music as that was what I’ve done till now.”

Of course, SS501 is not everything. Second track ‘Do you know?’ and ‘My day is Christmas everyday’ show a different style of pre-existing band sound. ‘Do you know?’ is rock ballad, ‘My day is Christmas everyday’ is a mid-tempo bossanova song. Park JungMin laughed and said “Because it is the beginning now, so isn’t it the time to find my own style?” In fact, Park JungMin had an all-band performance at his first solo Japan fanmeeting in Osaka and Tokyo on 22-Dec & 23-Dec.

Park JungMin said that he doesn’t have huge burden or holds the weight when being alone. “I think I probably get even more attention since I am the first among the 5 members (to release an album). The outcome of my activities will be able to stimulate the other members. That is why I want to relax more and start. I only hope that we are able to display each of our capability and talents in our own territory. I will definitely work hard in order not to be a disgrace that I was SS501.”


SS501 was one of the best idol groups around. However there is no need to linger on the glorious past. 7th year into their debut, rather than for the barely 25 years old solo musician Park JungMin to hold the records of his past, he will definately mark even more histories in the future.

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