01/17 [trans] Kim HyunJoong, Most Popular Man in Korea @ Cita Cinta, Indonesian Magazine [2011.01.17-31]

Credit: @colorfullshine twitter
Please repost with full credit


Because of his role as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong’s name gets more popular. He got popularity award from MBC Drama Award last year. This SS501’s member beat Lee Min Ho, who is popular because his role in Boys Before Flowers and Personal Taste.

Hyun Joong did not expect this award. At the beginning, the face shop icon who is 24 years old, got difficulties to act as Baek Seung Jo, cool man who have IQ 200.

“It is not easy to act as genius man – the dialogue is full of unfamiliar words. I must kiss Jung So Min without any dialogue. it was weird, but it was playful kiss. I’m happy if the audiences like it. Thank you to my fans who voted me for this award,” said Yoon Ji Hoo cast in Boys Before Flowers.

Chukahamnida, Hyun Joong oppa… (It’s meaning is congratulations, HyunJoong brother…)

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