01/12 [trans] Staff Accont – HyunJoong in Japan 2

english translation: babyvfan (www.babyvfan.wordpress.com)
repost with full credit


Now will tell everyone how hyun joong spent his time in Japan last month.
Last time, wrote about hyun joong went to shopping after eating his favourite spicy ramen.
With the help of the shop assistant, he also bought a nice binnie that he liked.
In other free time, he just played i-pod and watched movies with our staffs, although it was a short stay but he enjoyed it very much.
Also, like stated in the news, he attended MBC drama awards, after that , he attended the drama’s wrap up party.
He spent the new year traveling to other country with his family.
Even though he has a busy schedule, but it’s time to rest for a while during the new year.


Bet he cant stroll around like this in China…just look at how big the poster is…kekeke

Reposted from : ss501ode.blogspot.com

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