01/11 [news] SS501 Kim HyungJun forms a Game Team!

Source: Nate
English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @ love501.com
Please repost with full credits!


Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-Gamer Season 2, Hyung Jun forms Game Team! Start!

Earlier last year, Hyung Jun’s participation in MBC reality TV program ‘SS501 Hyung Jun becomes a Pro-gamer’ had not only received high viewer ratings, but he had also captivated viewers’ hearts with his indiscriminate sociable personality in becoming a pro-gamer despite the setbacks he met. With the encouragement from game fans and viewers, he is finally making his return with Season 2 SS501 Hyung Jun forms Game Team.

A year ago, in order to become a Pro-gamer, the youngest member of SS501 takes on many professional gamers with painstaking efforts. This time, in Season 2, with a team formed by a national player as the team’s leader and an amateur player, more intense and heated games of war is expected to unfold.

In order for the success and establishment of Kim Hyung Jun’s name in the Pro-game team, he will be directly involved in the management and upkeeping of the game team, from the choice of players, game practices to seeking out matches and competitions, thus revealing his strong ambitions, especially in the selection of game team members through open auditions to select 7 people, perhaps also uncovering key players of substantial, hidden talent and ability.

Fundamentally, a game entertainer should prepare the e-sports team with the pro-gamers for game skills, hidden talent and gifts, possibility of improvement, as well as selecting and planning for more new paces/moves ahead.

After a year being an honorary pro-gamer, the endlessly developing SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who is the leader of the game team! As the Pro-game team leader, how will Kim Hyung Jun show us the ways he deal with the newly assigned challenges in the establishment of the pro-game team? The first episode will be broadcast through MBC Game Channel on the 21st January 2011, Monday at 5PM.

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