01/05 [news] HyunJoong makes a cameo appearance in Dream High

Translated at : Allkpop by Ghostwriter
Source + Photo: mk.co.kr


Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong made a surprise cameo appearance on KBS2TV drama “Dream High” which has been gathering some attention.

The highly anticipated drama aired it’s pilot episode on January 3rd with Kim Hyun Joong making a surprise cameo appearance. For his role he played the role of a top celebrity answering questions from reporters at an airport upon his arrival.

Kim Hyun Joong looked very fashionable with his sunglasses and one of his answers in the drama has gained the interest of fans. A reporter asked him when he was going to release his new album and he responded, “The new album should be released around May.”

Mainly gaining interest because of the similarities between his plans and role in the drama and his actual plans for 2011. On January 2nd, Kim Hyung Joong left a new years message on his official website stating, “I’ve been working hard and want to show off a cool image for the new year. I want to star in a drama and release two albums this year, that’s my goal.”

Despite excited fans seeing this connection, an official from Kim Hyun Joong’s agency stated,“Currently there’s no plans for him to star in a drama nor release an album. There isn’t a concrete finalized schedule nor plan in place at the moment.”
With Kim Hyun Joong’s cameo appearance in Dream High, the drama was able to achieve a rating of 10.7% (AGB Nielsen).

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