01/04 [news] HyunJoong~ eaten ddeokguk, 1 drama 2 album

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/news.htm?id=201101040100015830000886&ServiceDate=20110103
English translation: Honeyeee @ Love501.com


Kim Hyun Joong sends fans his new year greetings through his official website on the 2nd this month. He mentioned “I didn’t manage to take a picture of myself.. because i have some personal matters.. So i’m using this picture of a sunrise during New Year which i found on the internet. Is this illegal?” And to fans whom he promised last December 23rd that “I will upload and show a photo of me praying for next year”, he convey his apology for not being able to keep to his words. He also mentioned “I’ve said this before, didnt i? When I become much much older, i will do my best in protecting you. But i’m not sure if I will be able to do it well. Anyway I will work even harder to the extent of an admission ticket. Hopefully I will become someone who can earn 3 more tickets.” expressing his apologies for fans who weren’t able to attend the MBC “Enertainment Drama Awards” held last year December 30th due to the limited admission tickets.

Kim Hyun Joong began his new year greetings with “Have you had rice cake soup?” and he continued, “I am going to have mine now. In fact yesterday (1st January), i have already had it. Happy New Year and keep healthy. I am going to work even harder from now on too so that i can be someone whom you can expect more from.”

He then ended his message saying “Are you happy that my house appeared on the internet? But let’s just see it on the internet. If not i’ll be chased out again. i’ll try to release a great album this year. I will practice crazily hard and my goal is to participate in 1 great drama and to release 2 cool albums this year. Having achieved that, we’ll greet other next year. Sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise. Instead, i will be someone who can protect you more.”

To his message, fans responded “He seems helpless, yet can’t do anything”, “This is a surprising. Does the in-charge of event venue knows about this?”, “I hope that this year will be another great year for you”.

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