01/03 [Info] Young Saeng and Kyu Jong ‘Summer Love’ 1st Photobook and DVD

Cr: ss601.com + HappyBoys_SS501@twitter + izele.blogspot.com + Quainte501.com
Shared by Marvie@lizele.blogspot.com

Here are infor about the Photobook and DVD as well as Fan Meeting in Shibuya, Japan:

DVD & PhotoBook
① DVD Edition [disc1 overseas location;
② DVD [disc2]
③ Photo Book + appendix
Release Date April 15, 2011

Fan Meeting
Shibuya CCLemon Fan Meeting Hall
January 22, 2011 (Sat) will star at 14:00 (additional session)
January 22, 2011 (Saturday) will be starting 18:30

You may click HERE for more info though it’s in Japanese.

Btw, the DVD consist of overseas location shooting in which Cebu is one of the places they shot this DVD.

English Translated[Translation cr: yuki@ss501foreverfans.proboards.com]
Translator note: I translate it so if something wrong please forgive me


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