12/30 [news] Kim HyungJun To be with fans, very 1st moment of 2011

Credit : http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/12/30/2010123001788.html + (Eng. Translation) Ode’s Blog
Reposted at liezle.blogspot.com

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun is receiving attention as he has plans to countdown to the new year with fans.

Kim Hyung Jun who is currently starring in musical [Cafein] portrays 2 simultaneous roles as a gentle male and a somelier. On the 31st’s stand beginning 10PM onwards, after finishing his 1.5hour performance, he will return to the stage as he prepares to count down to 2011.

Besides this countdown event, there is also a [Ask Off About Cafein] corner prepared. It is a corner where you could pose questions that you are curious of, after which actors will pick out some questions by lottery on the spot that day to directly answer to them. In addition, luxurious gifts will also be given off based on a lottery about the audiences’ seat number.

On the other hand, musical [Cafein] is in midst of performance at the Baekam Art Hall at Samsung-dong. Casts include Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Tae Han, U Geum-ji, Shin Eui-jung, etc.

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