12/24 [news] Kim HyungJun, cheerful personal photo + autograph card revealed Merry Christmas

Source: newsen
Korean to Chinese translation: àäü£ @ ôøãý-ÑÑúûñÕñéÙþÖåÓ¦
Chinese to English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Taking double roles in musical ‘Cafe-in’, Kim HyungJun whom popularity has increased tremendously, revealed his personal photographs together with his Christmas and New Year greetings.

In the 2010 Christmas and coming 2011 new year, Kim HyungJun has prepared a special ‘Make a 2011 new year wishes’ activity. It is concurrently held in his Korea and Japan Official Website.

His management company S-Plus revealed: “There are a lot of fans who have send in their new year wishes together with a lengthy letter. A lot of fans has also given their support for this activity.” The response of this activity is really good as they would be able to obtain personalize new year card from the star.

During the ‘Make a 2011 New Year Wishes’ activity, fans from both countries have left message like “Study hard in order to go to desire university”, “Wishes all family members will have happiness”, “Is preparing for government worker exam, working hard in revising, hope to pass” and others wishes which couldn’t fulfill this year and hope to be fulfilled in the next year.

This activity has successfully concluded under the enthusiasm from fans locally and oversea. 10 person will be selected from all local and oversea fans who have participated in the activity. They will be given New Year greeting card written personally by Kim HyungJun and also a Christmas memorial personal photograph.

In addition, musical ‘Cafe-In’ which Kim HyungJun has double role of both sommelier and gentleman will be staged in Baekham Arts Hall until 23 January 2011.

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