12/24 [info] Park Jung Min fan meeting & 1st solo album showcases

Credit: http://www.parkjungmin.net/notice_board/24625
Please repost with full credit

[English version]

Dear overseas fans~
Park Jung Min’s postponed showcase and fan meeting is coming back!!! We are ready to present you a more well-prepared and refined performance.
Thank you for waiting.
Belated thank you for being understanding.
Information about the event is below:
1. Date: 2011 Jan 22 (Sat) 7 PM

2. Venue: Dom Art Hall of the Children’s Grand Park (Subway Line 7)

3. Ticket opening: 2010 Dec 28 (Tue) 5PM (Korea Time)

4. Ticket system: Interpark (for Korean citizens and foreigners who live in Korea)

5. Price: \ 33,000 (VAT \3,000 included)

6. Maximum purchase: 4 tickets per person

7. For those who are from overseas countries (except Japan), the ticket application procedure is exactly the same as last time. We will only accept first 100 applications. Please visit our website (www.parkjungmin.net) on 2010 December 28th, 5pm Korea time. (Please be noticed that any application before 5 pm Korea Time will NOT be recognized) Go to CAFE on the main page and then click “가존공간”, then click “수다마을” to enter the application page. Leave your NAME, NATIONALITY, EMAIL ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER on this page.

The list of overseas application will be released later. If you are one of the first 100 applicators, on the day of the show just bring your ID and \33,000 to the ticket counter to exchange your ticket. (There will be English speaking staffs to serve you at the ticket counter)
8. For the cancellation of last event, we promised to give ticket holders a little gift – calendar with Jung Min’s signature on it. If you are the ticket holder of November event, please bring that ticket to the counter to exchange your gift. If you are an overseas applicator, just show your ID card. We will check our November application list and once we confirm your application, you can have the gift.

Album-related announcements and local car hire and will be updated soon as possible.

Thank you.

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