12/22 [news] Park Jung Min in Japan for photobook release and launch sign meeting

Credits: Ktnews + English translations by saylalala@quainte501.com
Please credit properly when reposting


SS501’s Park Jung Min held a fan signing event that celebrated the publication of the photobook “Present” in Japan.

The agency of affair’s CNR Media, on the 22nd revealed, “On the 21st at 5pm, Park Jung Min went to Tokyo, Shinjuku for the publication and the commemoration of the photobook. On this day, from 1pm, for the sake of seeing Park Jung Min, there were more than 400 fans”. On the internet, the pre-orders on the first edition of 15000 copies was all sold.

Park Jung Min’s photobook was taken by Hosono Shinji who also took photos for the photobooks of Hirosue Ryoko and Miyazaki Aoi and such.

Park Jung Min has planned to go to Osaka and Tokyo on 22nd and 23rd (respectively) for his fanmeetings.

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