12/19 [trans] Fan account – KyuSaeng Departure from Cebu

by krstnrs / liezle.blogspot.com

I first found out a rumor that Young Saeng and Kyu Jong were here in the Philippines Thursday night but it wasn’t confirmed. It also said that they will return to Korea by Saturday. Honestly, it’s all because of YS tweeted something about coming here and other fellow TS around retweeting it, that we knew.

We thought it was in Manila or some other places, but in Cebu? Wow! It’s our chance to see them. We were shocked; we really didn’t hear anything about them coming. They said to be here for a short filming or photoshoot. Having no ideas where they were staying and with limited information, we tried our best to at least think of a way to see them at the airport to send them off, just like when leader was here also. I contacted the same people who were with me at that time. But this time, it was a bit difficult to predict. Unlike when leader was here, we were able to keep track of his stay because of Ate Gerri

Friday morning around 11am, Kyu tweeted that they will return to Korea SOON accompanied with pictures of him and young saeng. We were anxious that they have left for Korea already. I was with my friends at that time to see a movie and right before the movie started, Kimy suddenly called me and we talked about Kyu’s tweet… We were sad realizing the situation. It’s a bit disappointing to not see them when they are here in the same island as us. Huhu..

In an instant, my body and mind moved not according to what the situation urged, but to what I feel. I cancelled the movie viewing with my friends (felt so sorry for my friends) and texted Jubhe(YS bias) to meet at a place, brought my sister Yasmin(KJ bias) along, and hurriedly went to the airport. They might be taking the afternoon flight. We arrived 3pm at the airport, met Danyelle, a co-TS, we sat at the chairs facing the entrance so we can see them as they come inside. 2 or 3 flights departed to Incheon, yet no signs of YS and KJ. Since we received no new updates about them, our hopes were down. Kimy was still on the way.

We thought maybe they boarded the plane before we arrived because of the pictures tweeted by Kyu. If that happened they will arrive, evening at Incheon. The only update will be the TS korea fancams, confirming they have arrived in Seoul. We were in half-half decision to stay and wait for them or just go home. It’s getting colder and colder as we waited; the aircon is not helping us to ease our nervousness. Ha-ha.. 5pm we decided to move out the airport and eat our dinner, stroll around somewhere and go to the internet café to search some info’s..

And again, Young Saeng tweeted, a picture of clouds he took and he tweeted to his friend “coming soon”, maybe it’s a sign that they are still here. Wow! Really our hopes were up! We were again positively looking forward to see them. We went back at the airport at 8pm and met again with fellow TS, kimy arrived too, with stuffs to write on. Waiting for the midnight flight *where YS & KJ boarded.  hehe

Dan, Kimy, Jubhe, Min and I were patiently waiting for them, sitting at the same place were we sat. To avoid getting bored, we reminisce the time we also waited for leader, same time & place. It’s nice to think that few months ago; we were first meeting each other, gathered together to see leader… happy.gif we also had time to make letters for kyu and saengie.

A funny thing that’s also memorable in this waiting event. A bus arrived, and we were in the midst of writing letters and talking about “what ifs”: “what if Kyu and Saengi will suddenly appear after a huge crowd and we didn’t finish writing our letters yet”, “what if they will allow us to take pictures with them” *hehe.. Just a fanful dream! Haha*

Seeing a huge crowd, walking towards us, all Koreans, we saw a guy wearing a cap, who looks like YS. Suddenly we got up and got over excited and have ourselves ready. Yet as they walked closer, it was just a false alarm… Wow! Really we mistakenly took other person as YS! Waaaahh.. Felt embarrassed and we were trembling too much, haha.. Our heart beats faster, hands and legs were shaking. We thought we really saw them…is this our reaction when we will see them? Hahaha.. happy.gif the worse we might have done is, if we said their names out loud. We felt relieved that we behave ourselves. False alarm OMG! The fact that many Koreans visited Cebu, drop us off, assessing from their number at the airport, we felt glad that they might have like it here. happy.gif At that moment, we burst out laughing to each other as hands and legs tremble. Hahaha. Such a funny thought. Time passed by and we were still waiting.  Hopeful spirits of Triple S to see them happy.gif.

@11pm, time passed by a little faster. People had boarded the plane and the concessionaires were now closed. The only people left were us and some Koreans; it was 11:57pm that the hallway was empty. Another funny event occurred. In the midst of just talking and talking, group of Koreans, composed of 6 people, walked towards us.

krstn: “sila na sa? Si Young saeng na?” (Is that them? Is it YS?)
kimy: “Di oie.. lain mana” (no, it’s not them. Not them yet)
krtsn: “sila na lage na.” (It’s them)
kimy: “Di lage” (no)
jub: “si young saeng mana” (it’s YS)
kimy: “hala! Si young saeng mana ug si kyu” (hala! It’s YS and kyu for real!)
min: “si kyu manang ga-cap” (it’s kyu wearing a cap)
dan: “sila na jd na!” (it’s REALLY them)
all: Oppa! happy.gif YS oppa, KJ oppa.. annyong!

They moved closer and closer to where we were yet still arguing if it’s really them or not. OMG! We were totally star struck! We were caught off guard, we even forgot about our gift and letters. When our senses were back, we said their names out loud. I also saw a bit of surprise in their faces. They maybe shock why we knew them and why we are there. Haha.. The trip was supposed to be a secret. happy.gif I was 1 or 2 steps away from them; it wasn’t as strict though, compared to leader’s time. They have no bodyguards; with them maybe are their managers.

Kyu was wearing a hat and a long sleeve shirt with black and gray shade, with a backpack while Saengie wore all black and carried a bag in arms. Both of them held a jacket on hand. *korea is cold now* Both did not wear shades, we can see their faces. I think they wore only slight make-up. They are so beautiful. 501% handsome! Hehe..We followed them until they reached the entrance door of the departure area. We were saying ‘I love you’, ‘oppa’ ‘sarangheyo’, ‘kamsahamnida’and others.

When we called them, they look at us, most especially KYU JONG oppa.. Whenever we call oppa, he will look back at us, smiling and waved. He even gave a thumbs up! My friend, jubhe had to ran back to get the gift and give it to Young Saeng oppa, unfortunately he didn’t received it but we gave it to the ahjussi next to him.  a bit sad that he didn’t take our gift/letter. But Kyu is really amazing; you can see that on the vid. Kyu oppa is really accommodating and his smile melts us… ohh.. Seeing the two of them in front of my eyes, felt so happy and grateful. It was an early Christmas gift! happy.gif Inside the departure area, you can see from the video that Kyu really kept looking back at us and smiled and waved a couple of times! He faced the crowd and waved. Cool! Hehe.. I’m Leader bias, I love all of them but at that moment Kyu’s presence stands out. He’s such a sweet guy. happy.gif

Out of uncertainty, we have seen them and so happy to send them off. I hope they enjoyed their short stay here in Cebu. Of all the places, Cebu was chosen so grateful and happy that they were here. Come back soon & see you FM in manila Feb.5! *did leader suggest it here? Hehehe…*


xiaochu : btw, here’s the fan cam.. but i cant access yt right now so not sure if the link is correct http://www.youtube.com/v/ETehIYmBa3Q
Otherwise, go over to her yt acct. http://www.youtube.com/user/krstnrs

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