12/17 [news] HyunJoong became ‘Lover of Asia’~ Japanese mass media was begging for an interview

Source : NATE
Translation from: HANCINEMA


Due to Asia’s representative star Kim Hyun-joong’s visit to Japan, fierce battle between Japanese press and media companies started.

Kim Hyun-joong, who was voted to be Bae Yong-joon’s Hallyu stardom successor, were receiving lovecalls right after his appearance in ‘Miso Project’ was over.

Especially, his arrival records the most crowded day in the airport and his appearance in many variety show is creating a Kim Hyun-joong boom.

This interview took place in a luxury hotel in Tokyo from morning to evening for 7 hours. From Fuji Television to Vogue, Spruce, AREA, and Weekly Asahi ran joint interview. They focused on Kim Hyun-joong possibility as next generation Hallyu star.

An official from Kim Hyun-joong’s company said, “Warm love towars Kim Hyun-joong could be found through this interview. Not only as a singer but as an actor, he is gathering more and more fans. We got so many questions about his next work”.

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