12/17 [info] Jung Min’s flight arrival @ Haneda Airport, Japan on 20th Dec

Credits: DrMyStar@twitter.com + English translations by saylalala@quainte501.com
Please credit properly when reposting

【CNR 副社長より、ファンの皆様へ】いよいよ、パク・ジョンミンさんのファンミが近づいてきましたね。■来日 羽田空港 便名KE2707 12月20日(月)11時05分到着です!!! 副社長からのちょっと早いクリスマスプレゼント情報です~~(>ε<) [From the executive vice president of CNR, to all fans] At last, Park Jung Min’s fanmeeting is getting closer. ■The arrival in Japan will be at Haneda airport, flight KE2707 on 20th Dec (Mon) at 11.05am!!! This is an early Christmas present information from the vice president~~(>ε<)

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