12/16 [trans] Message To Asia Account

(Hyun Joong Portions Only)

by Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

Unfortunately, there was not much chance for Leader’s 4Dness in Tokyo Dome. ^^

He changed his outfit four times, from photo session, opening, dance performance to farewell greeting to fans in gondola. He also sang three songs live this time.

I/ Opening : In the blue and green light, many children wearing Smile Project T shirt ran to the stage, making a big circle and waving at the audience. Suddenly, we heard the melody of theme song, “Power of Smile” , Leader came up from the theatre basement to the center stage. Immediately the beginning of the song flowed inside the Dome, we shouted with full of joy, of course^^ After the song, there was an interval, as the two emcees were a bit late to come to the stage; Leader had to stay on the stage alone, seeming to be puzzled ( what’s going on ? ). He was so cute at that moment.

All the artists were introduced by the emcees, and then they left from the stage, walking the runaway. All the children rushed to each artist, holding hands with them on the runaway…. However, again no children hold hands with Leader, which was embarrassing for the Leader; he seemed to take initiative by himself , talking to the children something, then walking together with a few children. It seemed that detailed instructions were not given to the children during the rehearsal.

2/ Stage : Leader was invited to the stage after powerful performance by Vaness.
After introduction, Leader walked from the runaway to the stage, dressed in black,
(shiny black jacket, black shirt with many spangles, black tie… he loves something shiny, with spangles keke, gorgeous but not showy )

Q: May we have some words to Japanese fans ?
Leader : I am very happy that many people participated in this wonderful event. If there are any chances in future, I would like to make my best efforts to be able to join as many as possible. I would like to thank you again for all of you for coming to this event.

Q: What made you decide to join this event?
L: I heard that this event is a part of the project to send “smile” to the children of Asia who live under difficulties. Though I have much interest in this kind of project, I am really happy to join this and would like to spend a fantastic time with you, though it will not be long.

Q: You are singer while being actor. Both seem to be attractive to you, could you tell us what kind of motivation do you have for each profession?
L: If you ask “ which do you like to be ? singer ? or actor ?, I feel as if I was asked “do you like your daddy ? or mon ?” (wow ! a glimpse of 4D ^^ )

Q: Is there any Japanese you recently pick up ?
L: Frankly speaking, I forgot Japanese rather than picked up new words. Though I learned a lot in the past, but I forgot recently. Today is the third day since I came to Japan this time, I gradually remember Japanese.

Mr. Nakayama, a male emcee mentioned “ Well then, please visit Japan many times as you can remember Japanese”, then the Leader said in Japanese “Gomenne “ ( Sorry in a friendly expression in Japanese), then smiled. (So cute !!! Even the fans of Yon-sama shouted “ Cute !!!” )

Q: How was the theme song, “ Power of Smile”?
L: Mr. Tetsuya Komoro, one of the best producers, composed a wonderful song. It was a very meaningful song, and it is a great honor for me to sing this song at the opening of this event. How did you feel about my singing ? Didn’t I make some mistakes in pronunciation in Japanese ?

To the burst of the applause from the audience, he said “ Thank you “ in a polite Japanese. Then, he performed “ One more time “ and “ Be nice to me “ .“One more time” was so~~~~ sweet !

Then, he donated the “suit” he wore on the occasion of Asia Game in China. “I feel very happy that this costume will be used for this meaningful charity “

All the artists were asked to give their autograph on the crystal ball of Smile Project which will also be on charity auction. Leader wrote his name much carefully than usual , then he did not forgot to write “ SS501“ .

Before he ends his performance, he was asked to leave a message to the audience who watch this program on TV. “It was very short today. Did you enjoy ? Though there may have been shortcomings, I hope that you give me warm support. From now on, I would like to endeavor to be a good singer and actor. I will work harder. Thank you. “Arigato gozaimashita “ (Thank you in polite Japanese)

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