12/14 [news] SS501 Park Jung Min sudden revelation, “I’m a five-toes socks lover”

Source: http://www.reviewstar.net
Chinese Translation: 镜子 @ No.43Park (http://www.parkjungmin.com.cn )
English Translation: Cin @ love501.com
Reposted at liezle.blogspot.com

Park Jung Min, member of Idol group SS501, has expressed that he is a five-toes socks lover.

On 11th of this month (December), MBC has aired an episode of “Quiz that Changes the World” and there is a topic on “The song that is suitable to listen during winter”. Park Jung Min has mentioned that SS501 has songs that are suitable for winter and he even performed a part of “Snow Prince”, which gained everyone’s applause.

During the show, Park Jung Min has said that he is currently preparing for his solo activities. Previously when doing group activities, he was slightly fatter than the other members. Hence, now he has already lost 12kgs. This has caused much laughter in the studio.

Also, Park Jung Min is the first Korean celebrity to appear in a famous Japanese talk show (hosted by Sanma Akashiya). Park Jung Min has said, “Sanma Akashiya’s (celebrity) status in Japan is equivalence as of Lee Kyung Kyu in Korea. On the second day after I have appeared in his talk show, my popularity search has gone up.”
side-note: both Sanma Akashiya & Lee Kyung Kyu are famous comedians.

Jo Hye Ryun, who is also currently having her activites in Japan, has mentioned, “The Japanese like Park Jung Min’s looks very much. He is really very handsome.”, which is evidence of Park Jung Min’s popularity in Japan.

Although he is a popular idol, Park Jung Min has some habits which surprise everyone. His liking for wearing five-toes socks is totally unmatched to his idol image. As such, Park Jung Min has explained, “I do not have feet odour, but my feet tend to perspire. That’s why I like to wear this type of socks.”

-Omitted last paragraph as it only mentions the other celebrities appearing in that day’s show and the ratings for that day is highest record of 18.0%.-

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