12/14 [news] ‘Ambitious Idol’ Kim Hyung Jun “Jo Seung Woo” As Role Model, One Day Would Be Able to Hold The Stage..”

Repost with full credits
News: Herald Media
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

±èÇüÁØ ±è¸í¼· ±âÀÚ msiron@

“Next year Café-In is planning to hold performances in Japan, China. Japanese fans who watch the Korean performances would wish to have subtitles”

Kim Hyung Jun (23) has many ambitions. He also agreed with being called the ‘Ambitious Idol’. As a person starring in the creative musical production ‘Café-In’, his schedule is very tight. Even with double casting, he has to perform on the 2-persons stage 3 to 4 times every week. After the evening performances, at midnight 2 am he still has to work as a radio DJ. For the solo album that is scheduled to be released end of Feburary, songs recording are also currently taking place. “Sleeping for only about 4 hours a day, wish to hear comments about being an “Artiste” who can do anything well.”

For around two and half months, spent 8 to 9 hours a day focusing on memorizing stage lines, practicing accent and voice projection. “Body gestures and actions for the music industry and for stage performances are very different. Recently upon seeing that the auditorium being filled up with many audiences will feel very happy, and accomplished.”

The musical ‘Café In’ which involves Kang Ji Hwan in the production, talks about a sweet love story between the Barista Sae Jin and Sommelier Ji Min who work alternatively between day and night in the same café. Kim Hyung Jun alternates between being the dating coach Ji Min and the sincere gentleman Jeong Min using different facial expression skills and voice tones. Relying on the familiarity on stage, his acting skills improved and confidence has grown. “Musical stage experience is helpful during the album production. Before singing, one has to understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and once you can empathise with the song then would be able to put in feelings when singing”

His own role model is actor Ju Seung Wo. When he is between late 20s and 30s, he wishes to be able to stand on the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ stage, thereby showing his ‘ambitious’ side.

Musical ‘Café In’ would be having performances until next January 23 at SamSeong-dong Baekham Arts Hall.

±èÇüÁØ ±è¸í¼· ±âÀÚ msiron@

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