12/14 [info] Fans Participation for KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong

Info Courtesy by K.J.Dream + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

[K.J.Dream*金圭鐘國際後援會*김규종 (비공적인)국제 팬클럽] 邀請關注KyuJong & YoungSaeng And Story in Hong Kong

Hi, this is Kim Kyu Jong International Fanclub.
8 Jan 2011 will be the 3rd stop for Kyu Jong and Young Saeng’s Asia Tour Fanmeeting,
would like everyone to welcome them with lots of love.
Coming to Hong Kong from afar, regardless TS or DS, hope you can feel Hong Kong’s international side.
Thus, hope that Green Peas can show the spirit of a sea of green, aggressively participate in this Kyu Jong & Young Saeng’s HK trip.

Please participate aggressively on the meetings and forum activities, let them know the how dynamic and widespread of the green sea.
Hereby calling out to those who have yet to purchase the Hong Kong Fanmeeting ticket to make their purchase online asap, let’s show our support through our actions!
-Online ticketing website: http://www.hkticketing.com

Lastly, our forum together with fellow forums combined activities will be released shortly.
Please stay tune to K.J.Dream’s latest updates.

Together till old~~^^Fighting!!

K.J.Dream admin


[K.J.Dream*金圭鐘國際後援會*김규종 (비공적인)국제 팬클럽] KyuJong & YoungSaeng And Story in HK問題募集

Questions and Video Raising Activity!

* Fans supporting Kyu Jong and Young Saeng, express your thoughts, feelings, questions to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng through words!
* Create a short video on stories that you’ll like to share!
* All questions and videos will be given directly to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng, they will select personally, and it will be shared with all during 8 Jan Hong Kong Fanmeeting!

* For text message, can be in Chinese or English, no word limitation.
* For short video, must be in mp4 or mpeg format.
* Participants must submit the text message or video latest by 28 December 2010, email to enquiry@elf-asia.com or info.ipr@iprogilvy.com. Please include your name and contact number.


14/12 Amended~~

Green Peas can also submit your questions in the form of return reply, we will collate all the questions and submit to the event organizer.
(klmm: I am not very sure about this, but I’m guessing that it meant you can submit your questions in mail form and attached return envelope(with stamps of course!), the boys will answer the questions in your mail and mail them back to you? Something along this line?? Or maybe it’s reply via email?? Sorry, the info was not very detail on this part….)

For further information, please proceed to


Welcome Green Peas to participate actively!!^^

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