12/11 [trans] KyuJong & YoungSaeng and Story in Thailand

Credit: pingbook.com
English Translation: Mel @ Hyuniversal0606

Repost with full credit

Mel’s note: I’ve edited some details from the original version, and have also added some more details too. However, all the credit shall goes to Pingbook who’ve made the summary of this fanmeeting

On December 11th, 2010 at 6.15 PM, Paragon Hall 3, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, 2 members of SS501 Kyu Jong and Young Saeng held a fanmeeting with the name “KyuJong & YoungSaeng and Story in Thailand” which has got the hall packed with fanclubs.

Both of them, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng started off the fanmeeting with the OST song “Because I’m Stupid” and received tremendous cheers from fans all the time before getting into the Interview.

MC: Why did you choose Thailand as your 2nd destination for the fanmeeting?

KJ: Right now, it’s really cold in Korea and Thailand is a warm country. I wanted to come to a warmer place and I miss all the Thai fans too. That’s why we chose to come here. Thai people smile really beautifully.

Then comes the section where both of them had to choose letters from the word “Thailand” and answered the questions sent from fans.

1St Kyu Jong chose letter “A”

Question: Which Thai fruits do you know? What type of fruits do you want to eat?

KJ: Mangosteen

YS: Everytime when we come to Thailand, we would drink Watermelon Shake. I really like it.

Then YoungSaeng chose letter “T”

Question: This time in Thailand, which Thai words can you speak? What do you want to tell Thai fans?
YS: Thai is really really hard but before I got on stage, I learned “Took Khon Nar rak jang” (Everybody is so cute).
KJ: Sawass dee krub Kyu Jong Krub Kid Tueng Krub (Hello, This is Kyu Jong. I miss you) and I learned one more word “Mang Kood” (Mangosteen)
Kyu chose letter “H”

Question: What’s cute in you? And What’s cute with YoungSaeng?
KJ: Someone told me I am really attractive when I smile (He then smiled and waved to fans) so happy.
YS: I have a baby face. I’m cute in everything I do.

KJ: Another attractiveness of YoungSaeng Hyung is his cute eyes. Look at his eyes when he smiles. (YS smiled and winked ) (Fans all screamed)

*** Added more details from me

The translator said that he’s really cute when he winks. The MC then asked YS to do the “Wink” for the fans. YS was so shy at first and the camera captured his face then he did the cutest wink on earth. Soooooooooooo cute. Fans all screamed soooo loud.

YS chose letter “H” (Well, I think there’s a mistake somewhere in this interview article. I couldn’t remember which letter he chose too so let just ignore that and concentrate with the question, ^^)

Question: Which song of SS501 do you like most and why?
YS: I love them all but if I have to choose. It’s “Love Like This” because it’s a really joyful song. Everybody can enjoy listening to it too.

MC: Then you’ll have to show that to us.
YS: Then, I want everyone to sing with me.

(Fans then sang together with him)

MC: Why do you like this song?
YS: It’s the song that the FIVE of us sing together. Do you want to see me singing alone? (Fan: Yesssssssssssssss) then you’ll have to stay tuned for this.

Kyu chose letter “I”

Question: Which Girl groups do you like most? Can you dance a song from that group?
KJ: I love them all actually because they’re all talented. I like T-ara (Then KyuJong showed his cute dance moves from Bo-Peep-Bo-peep and fans’ gone wild seeing his shaking butt ^^)

Then the staff played the song “GEE” from SNSD and YS danced to this song which received so much cheering from fans.

MC: Do you want to see them dance together? (Fan:yessssssssssssX

Then staff played “Lupin” from Kara but they didn’t remember the choreography so ended up didn’t dance together.

But somehow Kyu did remember some parts of the choreography so he danced a little which made the fans screamed so loud.

MC: Are you nervous, KyuJOng?
KJ: I’m having fun since those are questions from our fans. If there’re more questions, please ask me. I’m willing to answer them.

After the interview ended, YS sang a ballad song “I love You, I’m sorry” which is and OST during Christmast time. Kyu Jong then came out and sang a dance song with sexy moves “Never Let you go”. Then they get ready to the special activity prepared especially for Thai Fans.

MC: Have you ever cooked?

KJ: Before we debuted, we used to live in the same dorm. YS hyung used to cook for us. After debuted, not really getting to cook. Well, at least we cooked once at the Fanmeeting in Korea.

MC: (Ask the fans) What do you want them to cook for you tonight?

Fans: Somtam (papaya salad)

MC: Do you know what that is?

KJ: I’m going to try it today. Somtam from me will definitely be more delicious than that of YS hyung, for sure.

YS: I won’t loose to him. (Then he swings the pestle skillfully which made the fans screamed)

Then the two of them made Somtam cheerfully with the fans cheering all the way, shouting and helping the boys. Fans screamed every time one of them made cute faces or tasted something on the table. After that they picked 3 lucky girls to taste these 2 dishes and decide who is going to win this cooking competition.

The winner was Kim Kyu Jong. He won with 2 vote out of 3.

Young Saeng got to be punished by drinking herbal drink. The color of the drink may not be fancy but with the nutritious from the herbs, those 3 drinks were all healthy to the body. The 3 drinks were Passion Fruit, Beetroot, and Tiger Herbal drink.

YS chose the passion fruit drink. After that MC told YS about the drink that it was good for your skin. Kyu heard that and took a glass from YS but too late, he’s already finished it.

MC: How was it?
YS: I wanted to do better for the Somtam. It was fun. I’ve never tasted Somtam before so it’s hard to make it since I didn’t know what it taste like. KJ: Really having so much fun. I don’t think Thai pepper would be soooooooo hot like this. I hope I can get to do this again next time.
MC: Next, we’re going to show you the VTR that is made by Young Saeng himself.
YS: I did all the editing, producing, shooting and mixing. It was the story when we were in America. We took pictures and clips. I hope everyone like it. It will show how America is like, places we went, activities we did and food we ate.

After the VTR ended, YS came out and sang the song “Find”, rock version. He went down from the stage and played with fans.

MC: Why did you choose this song?

YS: I sang ballad song in Korea but I wanted it to be fun in Thailand so I chose this song. Fans could also get up and dance with me.

MC: When going to other countries, have the fan approached you like this?

YS: I am a cute, and charismatic Idol so fans do approach me all the time.

MC: Kyu jong, can you tell us about the VTR?

KJ: I like to travel and there’s a hyung I know in America. We went to so many places. It was fun. I got to relax physically and mentally.

MC: Have you ever travelled in Thailand before?

YS: Yes, I have. I got to ask my producer if he wants to shoot in Thailand. But I don’t have a friend in Thailand, I don’t think I can come.

MC: Who wants to be their friends?

Fans: (All raised their hands and screamedX

YS: I will bring Actor Kyu Jong with me.

MC: So, what have you been doing lately?

KJ: I got to spend more time with my family and study music. You will see me feature in a series or a movie too.

YS: I’m kind of addicted to Baseball. I play all the time but will soon be releasing my solo album. Right now, I’m in the process of choosing the song and finding the concept of the album.

MC: What’s the next VTR?

KJ: It’s our self camera shots. It shows how we’re doing in a day.

Then the screen showed the VTR of KyuJong and YoungSaeng’s lives in Korea. There’re clips of YS playing baseball, practicing dancing. Kyu Jong went to Lotte World with dancer hyungs. Charity activity that both of them has joined is also in this VTR.

After that KJ sang “Wass UP” and he came from the crowd in the back. All the fans’ gone wild, and packed themselves to the fence in order to get a closer glimpse.

Then MC asked: We saw YS practicing Rain’s song in the VTR, can you show the dance to us?
YS was at first very shy to dance but the staff played Rain’s song and when he started to dance, the fans all screamed.

MC told KJ and YS that there’s a clip made for them from the fans. The message in the clip showed how Thai fans have been waiting for them to come.

MC: How do you feel watching this?

YS: Very good. It’s better than mine. Thank you very much.
KJ: Thank you for the clip, and I saw that there’s a theme park in Thailand too. I think I’ll have to go there next time I come here.

***Added more details from me

In the clip from TripleSThailand, there’s a part of the message to KJ saying that in Thailand, there’s also a themepark too. For YS, “The water in the park can be drunk”.

It’s just a mocking lines from the VTR in Persona concert where YS bended down to drink water in the park.

Both of them got present for the fans. Kyujong gave the signed Persona Photobook. YS gave the T-shirt with signatures. So they did the lucky draw on stage. 2 fans were chosen and they received a hand cream from the boys. They even scrubbed the cream for the 2 lucky girls. All the fans in the hall were full of jealousy.

MC: Anything you want to say to your fans?

YS: I’m happy to be back to Thailand once again. Sorry for the delay. It’s almost New Year and there’ll be so many things coming, please give us your support. KJ: It’s all because of everybody in here that this event has happened. Sorry for the lies we told you that we’re coming to Thailand but never did. We wanted you all to give us full support for our works. I love you all very much.

*** Added : When KyuJong said that last sentence, he turned around and wept. Yes, it was so touched and I know he himself was touched by the clip from TSThailand.

Before they end the fanmeeting, both of them sang “Wing of the World”. Fans from the side show the paper with Red hearts and the fans in the middle showed the cheering cloth. It was such a beautiful ending for the fanmeeting “KyuJong & YoungSaeng and Story in Thailand”.

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