12/10 [trans] Park JungMin MK StarToday Twitter Interview

Translations: wonderrrgirl @ love501.com & blackwitch @ love501.com
Edited by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

@mkstartoday: 오늘 오후 2시 부터 @mkstartoday를 통해 SS501 박정민씨와 트위터 인터뷰가 진행됩니다. 평소 박정민씨에게 궁금했던 점들을 마음껏 물어보세요 박정민씨가 직접 성실하게 답해 드립니다. 질문에는 꼭 #mkstartoday 를 붙여주세요.
(@mkstartoday: today from 2PM SS501 Park Jung Min will be having his twitter interview through @mkstartoday. Please ask any questions you always have for Park Jung Min to your heart’s desires. Park Jung Min will personally answer to them truthfully. Please make sure to tag #mkstartoday with your questions.)

@mkstartoday [스타투데이] 지금 주차장 까지 왔답니다.. 곧 그의 모습이 담긴 사진이 공개됩니다. 기대하시길… ^^ #mkstartoday
(He has reached the carpark now.. soon photos of him will be revealed. Please look forward to it… ^^ #mkstartoday)

잠시 후 SS501 박정민씨와 트위터 팬미팅이 시작됩니다. 준비들 돼셨나요? 멘션이나 질문을 올리실 때는 #startoday를_ 뒤에 붙여주는거 잊지마세요.^^
(Twitter Fan Meeting with SS501 Park Jung Min will be starting in awhile. Are you all ready? Don’t forget to include #startoday with your questions ^^)

안녕하세요? 정민입니다! 이제 왔어요!!
(Hello? This is Park Jung Min. I have reached now!!)

반갑습니다!! 오늘 한시간 즐겁게 이야기 나눠요!!^^ #mkstartoday
(Nice to meet you!! Have a fun chat for one hour today!! ^^ #mkstartoday)

@mkstartoday [스타투데이] 지금 정민씨의 트위터 인터뷰가 시작됐습니다. 정민 씨에게 궁금한 질문 있으면 #mkstartoday 를 꼭 붙여서 멘션해주세요. 그럼 좋은 시간 보내시길.. ^^ #mkstartoday
(@mkstartoday Park Jung Min’s twitter interview have started now. If you have any questions for Jung Min-ssi, do include #mkstartoday in your mentions. Well then, have a good time..^^ #mkstartoday)

Qns: @Yasmin_Triple_S: @mkstartoday 나는 터키에서 왔어요..당신은 터키에서 많은 팬들을 가지고..당신은 나중에 터키에 와서 생각 해요
Qns: I come from Turkey. You have many fans in Turkey.. Have you thought of coming to Turkey next time?
Ans:우와 터키!!^^
Ans:Wow Turkey!! ^^

Qns: @JuWon_8863: @mkstartoday 도착 하셨군요~!!! 이제 시작이다~~ 와~~ㅋㅋㅋ
Qns: You’ve arrived~!!! It’s starting now~~ wah~~kekeke
Ans: 즐겁게 시작해봐요!!ㅎㅎ
Ans: Let’s start to have fun!! hehe

Qns:@gksdhswjd: @mkstartoday @mkstartoday @mkstartoday 오빠오빠제이름한온정한번만불러주세요ㅠㅠ학교예요ㅠㅠ로뻐오뻐오뻐오빠오빠한온정한온정한옩ㅇ한온정 #startoday
Qns: Oppa Oppa Call my name Han On Jung for once ㅠㅠ I’m in school ㅠㅠ Oppa Oppa Oppa Han On Jung Han On Jung Han On Jung Han On Jung
Ans: 한온정
Ans: Han On Jung

Qns: @Jannechan: @mkstartoday ung Min come to Venezuela! here are there Triple S too! …Which is your favorite perfume?
Ans: 향수안써요! 사람들이 제 체취가 좋다고 하더라고요!!
Ans: I do not use perfume! Peple say that my body smell is good!!

Qns: @Naru_ss: @mkstartoday 분 안녕 정! 나는 아르헨티나에서 나디아입니다. 당신이 남미에서 많은 팬들을 가지고 알고 계십니까?
Qns: Everyone hello! I’m Nadiah from Argentina. You have a lot of fans in South America, do you know that?
Ans: 우와 우리나라의 딱 정반대인 아르헨티나에서도 트위터를 해서 신기!
Ans: Wah, right opposite of our country (Korea) in Argentina is also twitting, so amazing!

Qns: @youngjinmam: @mkstartoday #mkstartoday 올해말까지 얼마 남지 않았는데 뭘 하며 보낼 생각이세요?
Qns: There isn’t a lot of time left to the end of the year, how do you plan to spend the rest of it?
Ans: 앨범 막바지 준비중!! 5곡으로 돌아올예정이예요!
Ans: Rounding up the preparations for the album!! I will be returning with 5 songs!

Qns: @kjsora92: @mkstartoday 오빠 전 수능이 끝난 고3 잉여예요 지금이시기에 뭘해야 할까요 ?
Qns: Oppa I am a 3rd year high school student who finished exam (suneng). What should I do now at this stage of life?
Ans: 지금이 딱 즐길시기! 세상을 누리세요
Ans: Now is just the time to enjoy! And enjoy the (fun in this) world

Qns: @sohnsb: @mkstartoday 정민씨 노출연기도 하겠다고 기사났던데…http://bit.ly/h7aVA3 자신 있나요? #mkstartoday
Qns: Jung Min-ssi, there is an article about your revealing (scenes in) acting…http://bit.ly/h7aVA3 Are you confident?
Ans: 상반신 보단 하반신 ㅎㅎㅎ
Ans: Lower body more than upper body hehehe

Qns: @ksm328_jm: #mkstartoday 今この瞬間、1番に思い浮かんだ人は? 지금 이 순간, 1번에 떠오른 사람은?
Qns: Right now at this moment, the number 1 person that comes to mind?
Ans: 음….형준이?ㅎㅎ
Ans: Hmm… Hyung Jun? hehe

Qns: @urasawanaoki43: @mkstartoday 본인은 스모키가 잘 어울린다고 생각하는지(저는 정민군의 스모키에 반한 사람입니다..ㅎㅎ) 스모키화장비법좀..
Qns: You think that smoky make-up suits you very well (I am one person who has fallen for Jung Min’s smoky look..hehe) Please let me know some smoky make-up tips..
Ans:조만간 출판하겠습니다..ㅎㅎ
Ans: Will be published soon… hee hee

Qns: @minji_0414: @mkstartoday 정민오빠 오늘은 노란색 옷입으셨네요- 좋아하는색이 어떻게 되세요?
Qns: Jung Min Oppa, you’re dressed in yellow today. What is your favourite color?
Ans:검은색..ㅋㅋ 오늘은 밝아보이려구~!!
Ans: Black color.. keke Today I wanted to look bright~!!

Qns: @piaocao8806: @mkstartoday 밤세우기 때문에 여드름생기면 어떻게?
Qns: Due to staying up all night, what should I do when I get pimples?
Ans: 나도 여드름생겼는데!! 피부는 항상 관리해야해요! 나처럼.
Ans: I also have pimples forming!! We must always take care of our skin! Like me.

Qns: @roddk59: @mkstartoday 다이어트 어떻게 해야될까여??-갱아-
Qns: How do you carry out your diet? -Kaeng-ah (her name)
Ans: 일단 드시지 마세요. 지금 물고있는거 내려.
Ans: First of all, don’t eat. Throw out what’s in your mouth now.

Qns: @marvic15: @mkstartoday TRIPLE S 라틴 아메리카에 걸쳐 수천 있다! WE♥YOU
Qns: There are thousands of Triple S Latin America here! WE♥YOU
Ans: 나 라틴계로 빠진다.
Ans: I fell for Latin.

Qns: @pherai2005: @mkstartoday 해외에서 당신을 만나러 오는 팬들에 대해 어떻게 생각하세요?
Qns: What do you think of the fans who are coming overseas to see you?
Ans: 고마워서 눈물이 줄줄줄~!! 사람해요 근대 당신은 언제오나요?
Ans: Thankful so my tears rolling rolling rolling (down)~!! I love you, but then when are you coming?

Qns: @gksdhswjd: @mkstartoday 왜그러케잘생겨떠요
Qns: Why are you so handsome
Ans:그러게…관리를 잘했찌…!
Ans: I suppose… that I took good care…!

Qns: @avabby9: @mkstartoday oppa, 어떻게 당신이 제일 좋아하는 음식이 무엇입니까?
Qns: Oppa, what is your favourite food?
Ans: 곱창!!!
Ans: Beef/pork intestines!!!

Qns: When will your mv be realease??? i want to see it!! Please reply me~~
Ans: 1월 20일날 하지 않을까?
Ans: Isn’t it 20 Jan?

Qns: @_YongChi: @mkstartoday 오빠 독수리타법 맞죠? 그렇죠?ㅋㅋㅋ -용치 #mkstartoday
Qns: Oppa, you are a two-fingered typist right? Is that right? kekeke – Yongchi (two-fingered typist means typing with 2 fingers only)
Ans: 저 타자 연습 400타 나오는데요? 질문이 많아서 고르느라고!!ㅎㅎ
Ans: I had 400 words for typing practice alright? It’s because there are too many questions so I have to choose!!hee hee

Qns: @WanYuLing: @mkstartoday 정민씨~앞으로 도 중국어노래로 앨범를 생각해요? 언제 발매해요?저는 대만팬이에요,지금 형준이 어디야? 보고싶어요!
Qns: Jung Min-ssi~~ Do you think you will have an album with chinese songs in the future? When will be it selling? I am a fan from Taiwan, where is Hyung Jun now? I miss you!
Ans: 형준이한테 물어보세요.ㅋㅋㅋ
Ans: Please ask Hyung Jun. kekeke

Qns: @AndieAries: @mkstartoday 내 오디션은 내게 행운을 빌어?
Qns: Wish me luck for my audition?
Ans: 오디션 보나봐요? 열심히 준비하고~ 가능성을 발견하세요?!
Ans: You going for audition? Prepare well~ have you discover the possibilities?!

Qns: @ShesMD: 귀여운 사진 1 http://twitpic.com/3ej9ji
Qns: Cute picture 1 http://twitpic.com/3ej9ji
Ans: 우와~~~넘 기엽다~!! 우와~~
Ans: Wah~~~ Very cute~!! Wah~~

Qns: @jyss501: @mkstartoday 정민오빠 드라마를 출연한다을 거예요? 기대해요~~~
Qns: Jung Min Oppa! Will you be acting in a drama? I’m anticipating~~~
Ans: 내년에 볼수 있을거예요~! 대만에서 하나 한국에서 하나! 나를 닮은 역!
Ans: You’ll be able to see it next year~! One in Taiwan and one in Korea! A role that is similar to myself!

Qns: @Irene105: @mkstartoday 무슨 나이 당신의 첫 경험 했지
Qns: At what age did you have your first experience?
Ans: 응???무슨…??응???…
Ans: Huh??? What …?? huh ???…
(wonderrrgirl’s own comments: LOL!!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT QNS IS THIS? Deserves pink color for that!)

Qns: @jina_me: @mkstartoday 나 가인토끼를 아주 사랑합니다! 가인 커요? 요즘 royal avenue 회사에 가요? 시간이 있어요?
Qns: I really love Gain Rabbit! Have Gain grown? Did you go to Royal Avenue office recently? Do you have time?
Ans: 가인이가 또 5마리를 낳았어요! 또 아빠가 되었씁니다~
Ans: Gain had 5 babies again! I become father again~

Qns: @jessiiikpop: @mkstartoday COME TO ENGLAND We love you .<)
Ans: 페루 팬 여러분들 정말 고마워요! 페루에도 꼭 갈께요~그때까지 응원해주세요!
Ans: All fans in Peru thank you very much! Will definately go to Peru ~ till then please give your support!

Qns: @foOofy1: @mkstartoday Did you know that there are fans in saudi arabia ?
Ans: 오~사우디!
Ans: Oh~Saudi!

Qns: @elyho: @mkstartoday 정민아~~ 너는 베트남어 팬들도 알아? 베트남를 꼭 와주세요. your smile is always beautiful
Qns: Jung Min ah~~ do you know about fans in Vietnam? Please do come to Vietnam. your smile is always beautiful
Ans: 베트남 쌀국수 좋아요!
Ans: Vietnam rice noodles is good!

Qns: @LibraDolce: @mkstartoday 재킷을 사랑 해요!
Qns: I love your jacket!
Ans: 나두 좀 사랑해줘요~!!
Ans: Please also love me too~!!

Qns: @_Kimda: @mkstartoday 헐이러기야증미니오빠?해외팬만답장하지말고오~자려는데안자고이러고잇단말얏 #mkstartoday
Qns: How are things going Oppa? Don’t just reply to foreign fans~ I was going to sleep but didnt sleep
Ans: 잠잘자야죠!! 피부를 위해!!
Ans: Got to sleep well!! For the sake of our skin!!

Qns: @Daniimtz12: @mkstartoday Would you eat mexican food?
Ans: 맥시칸요리좋아해서 한국에도 그렇고 일본에서도 자주 먹으러다녀요^^
Ans: I really like Mexican food so I often go and eat it in Korean and even when I am in Japan ^^

Qns: @yomaheart: @mkstartoday 와우~ 잘 키우세요~ 태어나자마자 사진 막 찍고 그럼 안 됩니다~
Qns: Wow~ You’ve raised them well~ It is not good to take photos as soon as they are born~
Ans: 넵!! 주의하겠습니다~
Ans: Okie!! I will take note~

Qns: @Hannnnnnsol: @mkstartoday 다음주 수요일까지 기말고사에요ㅠㅠ 응원해주세요~~!!! 글ㅇㅇㅇ 고 내년이면 고삼.. – 한솔-
Qns: I have final exams until next Wednesday ㅠㅠ Please cheer for me~~!!! (promote up to) sophmore next year.. – Han Sol
Ans: 제발 공부좀…
Ans: Please do study…

Qns: @sadfragrance: @mkstartoday 일 안 하고 이러고 있어요. 저한테 잔소리 좀 해주세요~
Qns: I am not working and doing this. Please nag at me~
Ans: 이게 그냥 콱~ 똑바로 일안해?
Ans: This is just *smack*~ Can’t you do your work properly?

Qns: @501tripleS: @mkstartoday 성적좋으면오빠볼수잇다는생각에 열공해서시험잘봤어요!!!♥♥♥
Qns: At the thought that I will be able to see oppa if I do well in school, I worked hard and did well for my examination!!! ♥♥♥
Ans: 어이쿠 잘했다!! 화이팅!!!!
Ans: Aigoo Well done!! Fighting!!

Qns: @hirominnie43: @mkstartoday 정민군 이것… 좀 피곤하네요 ㅋㅋ
Qns: Jung Min, this… is quite tiring keke
Ans: 피곤하면 앙돼요! 자요자요자요!!
Ans: It’s not good to be tired!! Sleep Sleep Sleep!!

Qns: @AikoCheonsa: @mkstartoday doraemon or sailor moon???
Ans: 둘리!!
Ans: Dooly!!
(xiaochu: OMG, ME TOO!! I LOVE DOOLY!!! *hums the dooly song* omg..Ruby must not see this…)

Qns: @yiting_: @mkstartoday 박정민오빠!!!!!! 안녕!!!Not Alone 꼭대벅야!!!!!!
Qns: Park Jung Min Oppa!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! Not Alone daebak (big success)!!!!!!!
Ans: 아싸 대벅나야지!!
Ans: YES It has to be a huge success!!

Qns: @vienny501: @mkstartoday Triple S Indonesia held Park Jung Min’s 생일 파티 ~
Qns: Triple S Indonesia held Park Jung Min’s Birthday Party ~
Ans: 우와~언제이런걸!! 너무 고마워요!
Ans: Wah~ When was it!! Thank you very much!


벌써 마칠시간이네요…너무 시간이 빠르게가서 아쉬워요!! 하지만 또 매일경제와 함께 할테니~기대해주세요!! 트위터에서 자주 만나요! 모두 팔로우팔로우~~!!
(It’s already time to wrap it up… Time really passed by fast, so regrettable!! But will be doing together with Daily Economy again~ please look forward to it!! Let’s meet frequently on twitter! Everyone follow follow~~!! )

@mkstartoday [스타투데이] 박정민 씨와의 트위터 인터뷰가 순식간에 끝났네요. 즐거우셨나요? 정민 씨도 많이 행복했다고 하네요. 앞으로 정민 씨 더 사랑해주시고, 저희 매일경제 스타투데이도 많은 관심 부탁드립니다. 한 시간 동안 트위터 인터뷰 참여해주셔서 감사합니다. 더 좋은 기회 만들어 곧 찾아뵐게요. 좋은 하루 보내세요. ^^ #mkstartoday
(Park Jung Min’s Twitter Interview has ended in an instant. Did you all have a good time? Jung Min-ssi is also very happy. In future, please give more love to Jung Min-ssi, and please give more attention to Daily Economy Star Today. Thank you very much for participating in the 1-hour twitter interview. We will see you soon when we get more good opportunities. Have a good day ^^)

@mkstartoday 정민씨 마지막 인사, 오늘 고마웠습니다 팬 여러분!!!
(Park Jung Min’s last greeting, thank you all the fans for today!!!)

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