12/07 [news] SS501 Kim HyungJun Confesses “Implicated in Dog Fraud Case”

Credits : newsen + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



SS501 Kim HyungJun revealed that he was implicated in a dog fraud case.

In SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ to be broadcasted on 9-Dec, under the section titled ‘Star, what are you raising (pet)?’ you get to know about celebrity’s love for animals.

Kim GookJin recently adopted an abandoned dog and Lee Hyori kept a cat which was thrown out in the streets. Gentle smile Bae YongJoon kept a rottweiler, elegant Jang MiHee kept a Korean native dog.

The name of Lee YoungAe’s shitzu is 957. Goo HyeSun who turned from an actress to director, kept puppies named JangAhJji, Bab, SoonDae.

What’s more, SS501 Kim HyungJun “was implicated in a dog fraud case” arousing even more curiosity.

Broadcast is on 9-Dec at 11.15pm.

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