12/04 [trans] YoungSaeng’s Letter at Fan Meeting

Credits : Sudal @ liezle.blogspot.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Please repost with full credits only

Clouds always become rain…
Talking about our meeting
Every now and then you get drenched in rain
But you waited for me
I could not even say a word of thanks

Among the many people…
I saw you searching for me
Raising your small hand…
You said something to me
Always… loving only me

When I was looking for you
You smile at me
At that moment, I will say with my eyes

Even the words ‘I Love You’ cannot fill
You who is a huge part of my life
Thank you for your love…

– By YoungSaeng


In hangul

언제나 구름은 비가되어…
우리의 만남을 얘기해
때로는 비를 맞으며
넌 나를 기다렸었지
고맙단 그말도 못했는데
수많은 사람들 속에서…
날 찾고 있는 너의 모습을 봤어
너의 작은 손을 들어…
내게 말하고 있었지
늘… 나만 사랑한다고
내가 널 찾을 땐
넌 내게 미소를 짓고
그땐 너에게 눈으로 말할게
사랑한단 말로도 채울 수 없는
너라는 커다란 내 삶속에
Thank you for your love…
– By 영생

The last 3 sentences are also posted by YoungSaeng back on 23-Jun-10 in TOK TOK

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