12/04 [trans] Fan account – HyunJoong @ Pavillion,KL

Credit: wonderrgirl at lovekimhyunjoong.com

**Sharing & reposting allowed as long as credit is given**

Here to provide my fan account for the Fansign event at the Pavilion, KL.
I was really lucky to be able to get into this event.
To be honest, when I fly over to KL, I was not even sure if I can even get this ticket.
We do have some tickets, but it was limited and not enough to get all of us in.
One night before the event, I was already quite ready to give up mine, and let the unnies go.
Afterall, I think I have a lot of “service” from KHJ and have been really lucky in seeing him since 1st December. So I was quite happy to let my unnies go ahead and have fun.

However, thanks to the hard work of the people who made it possible!
Not convenient to name, but basically they managed to get enough tickets for all of us to enter into the V.I.P category for us to watch this fansign event! ♥♥

I was there very early to check out the place.
At first the crowd was still considerably small….
However overtime it grew so tremendously! Maybe it’s because it’s a open event, where everyone can come over and watch it. ^.^

I’m glad to say that for this event, we really don’t have to wait very long before KHJ arrived. He was actually quite on time this time ^.^ Maybe the super near distance of his hotel and Pavilion kind of helped as well?

Speaking of which, finally I can freely announce where he is staying…
Ritz Carlton KL!
Hereby apologize to those fans who asked me but I was unable to say.
The reason is of course, for KHJ’s sake.
The hotel is really a fantastic one, it’s extremely quiet and peaceful and really a perfect location for KHJ to rest in.
In fact, have heard from people who worked with TFSMY about the kind of facilities and service KHJ has received… Safe to say KHJ probably had a superbly good rest for the 3 days 2 nights he spent in KL!

Of course, this sort of quiet and peace will not be there if there are too many fans waiting outside everyday, roaming about the hotel in search of him.
So do understand… this is the reason why.
I am not familiar with some of you who asked so it’s hard to know if you’re someone who just want to watch him from the side or call a bunch of people to come over.. yup?
Hereby extend my biggest apology!
Hope you all will understand. :).

Anyway, the event started on time and KHJ arrived in a maroon car. They literally drove him into the event, which started promptly on his arrival.
KHJ as usual, introduced himself in that usual soft & KHJ-unique voice:
” 안녕하세요~ I am Kim Hyun Joong. ”

Before he launched into other things, he immediately pointed out towards the sea of excited fans.
“Please be careful at the side, stay calm ~ ”

He was quite concerned about the fans who are very excited. Afterall it has been so long since they saw him (The last time was 2009) and in fact, most of them are probably seeing him for the first time that day. Thus, the crowd became quite excited about it, and he was worried about the safety of the fans.

I especially love his expression when he expressed concern for the fans. And this was really the first thing he said after introducing himself.
Sometimes I often come across articles and comments of KHJ as an aloof and indifferent person.
But if you really know him you’ll know it’s because KHJ can get quite afraid of big crowds and overly passionate welcomes from huge amount of people.
(He’s still shy ^^)
and he often have difficulty expressing himself in a way normal people can comprehend, something all KHJ should know actually!
Afterall this is a boy who wants to go meet aliens and leave his name on Mars ^^

Back to the event,
The MC for the event is actually a very good one.
From what I know from someone working with TFSMY, he can actually speak a number of languages, from English, Mandarin, Korean, Mandarin dialects and etc (Can’t remember the others ^.^).

MC first asked him if he is alright with the warm Malaysian climate, whether if he has gotten used to it.

KHJ: “The weather here is very hot, but I am quite alright with the weather here already.”

He also added:
“There is something called a ‘White Christmas’ in Korea. I hope that if the fans have a chance, they can also go to Korea and experience a ‘White Christmas’.”

MC asked him again how does he maintain such good skin (Same question as what was asked in SG)

KHJ replied that before he came he used two products from TFS. One of them is a mask from TFS, the other one I could not hear KHJ properly. 😦 It’s called White sth sth! KHJ’s English is a little …. difficult to catch haha! ^^

MC then asked KHJ, which is his favourite product among TFS products?
Our 4D boy went on to describe a super long description of cleanser and sunscreen. I’m serious. I was struggling to record what he has said.
Anyway he talked about a particular cleanser which I couldn’t catch again, as well as the use of sunscreen.
KHJ also said that because the weather in Malaysia is quite hot, we should all use more sunscreen to protect our skins… ^.^

Then, it was time to introduce the official new product of TFS, called “White Tree Snow”.
KHJ was given a remote control, and the moment he pressed the button, grand music started and suddenly there was a huge burst of confetti to signify the official introduction of the new product.

KHJ’s expressions are of course, what I often like to observe.
He was watching everything with a kind of little-boy curiosity~ ^.^

Then it was time to start photo-taking with the lucky fans.
A Taiwanese friend I’ve made in this trip was one of the lucky winners. She has been following him all over the world for a long time and I’m happy for her that she finally had her dream come true, and took a photo with him.

I was watching from below, KHJ is really really nice honestly!
My Taiwanese friend is rather shy I believe, she was standing just beside KHJ but a little behind because other fans from the side began to close in on KHJ. But KHJ noticed and reached out to gently push her in.

Personal experience with the phototaking in SG, if you are nervous, KHJ kind of helped to make you less nervous because contrary to what I thought he might behave, he wasn’t at all shy or awkward. He became the “big man” who made nervous and hyperventilating fans calmer because of how warm and caring he is.

As you girls already know,
there was a girl in the next group who managed to get a hug from him.
Ah well, I did not go round to check out what happened after that. From what I know, the girl tweeted about it?

Just want to share with you all that, to be honest,
I am quite confident that if either one of us asked for a hug from KHJ,
he would have agreed to it.
I am sure if I asked for it when we were having our phototaking,
he would have said yes.

Do you think he can say no?

Don’t want to put him in an awkward position where he couldn’t do what he really wants. ^.^
If it is an official event where we are officially entitled to receive a hug from him, I’ll of course be more than happy!
But if this hug didn’t get approval from his diligent bodyguards (Who have been protecting him very well)
as well as the official people organising this event,
and most important if this hug place him in a position where he can’t say no,
I will rather not have it..

Well just sharing what I think ^^

Anyway, fansign started promptly as well.
I’m happy for the fans because they seemed really happy and excited!

I think some of you also read about a certain huge yellow giraffe given by a fan to him.
Actually, we are not allowed to give him a present on stage, but somehow this fan managed to do so.
Wish to share with you girls that I’ve seen the giraffe again in the back of KHJ’s maroon car. ^.^
Quite funny but hey, they did bring it back to the hotel.

The event ended quite quickly though. I think it lasted for about 50 minutes to 1 hour.

KHJ finished off his last signature and proceed in front to leave his last comments before leaving.
I love this part totally because finally he spoke in English, and what’s more, it’s a long sentence. For him who always refused to speak in English ^.^ I think he has made quite an effort.

He said: “Thank you very much, I love you”

KHJ’s accent isn’t as ‘strange’ as he once claimed, is it? ^.^

With those loving words and his irresistibly cute way of saying it, the fansign event ended with a good note! ^.^

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