12/03 [trans] Fan account: Flying with Kim HyunJoong to KL~

Credits : wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com
** FA can be shared/repost as long as credit is given **

Before continuing, want to thank the person who made it possible. She is one of the members of the forum, who comment occasionally ^_^ She told me to just call her “S”, so yep, thank you!

We arrived at the airport at about 2:30PM.
Went for lunch and suddenly heard a lot of people screaming.
At first we thought it was leader, but it turned out to be people welcoming Miss A, 2PM and MBLAQ at the airport.

Decided to check in earlier because there really isn’t anything to do outside.
Leader will be entering via CIP, it is a different route anyway. So we just went inside and sat, waiting for our flight.

Flight is supposed to fly by 5pm.
It was around 4:50pm and the airport crew was already asking us to move into the plane to get ready to take off.
Just as we are about to go already, suddenly KHJ appeared!


He was wearing all white with black long vest, carrying his LV bag.
Leader took off his black long vest before entering; he looked so deliciously looking in all white suddenly. ^_^

Leader took a while after he passed the checkpoint.
He stood at the side and place his LV bag on the table, apparently searching for something.


That took about close to a minute I think.
Then he was ready to go and started moving towards our area.
There are some other fans around as well.
He was well protected and taken care of by his bodyguard though ^_^
We just watch him move into the aircraft and follow suit behind to our own seats.

Before entering,
We lagged behind, and May passed Mr Shin (The bodyguard) a bag of snacks and Singaporean delights for KHJ’s crew and KHJ himself should he be hungry. Mr Shin was very nice, he took it and thanked May for it.

We went to our seats and settle down.
Then Mr Shin & the other bodyguard suddenly appeared two seats in front of us and seems like it was their seat, so after walking around for a while (to make sure everything is alright I guess) they finally settle down.

Also saw that cordi noona is sitting about 7-9 seats behind us.
Their seats were quite separated from each other.
Leader is nowhere to be seen, most likely in front where the business class sits.

Flight took off~
KHJ’s bodyguards are cute ^_^
They started to play pinball a while later and both were happily looking at the screen and talking.
Nothing much about the flight, it was a short ride and it’s not long when we landed at KL later.

I love how the aircraft crew protects KHJ~ ^_^
Everyone was to wait with the curtains of KHJ’s compartment covered with curtains
I think they don’t want people to see him and scream.. ^_^  Not a very good thing at the airport.
After he safely step out of the aircraft, everyone else was allowed to move.

We went out as well and walked to take the bus to the airport terminal.
(KL airport is under construction now and the skytrain is not available. Thus everyone, including KHJ had to take a bus to the terminal)

The walk towards the bus, there were suddenly a number of fans around following KHJ.
However KHJ continued to be well protected by his guards.
He was very nice however. May was at a floor above when he was taking the escalator down.
He actually looked up and happen to saw May and some other fans.
Instinctively, May waved at him.
HE WAVED BACK!!! ^_^  (So he’s actually not aloof or indifferent, just difficulty of expressing himself well ^_^ )

On the other hand, “S” and I were walking rather slowly actually and was a distance behind him. (Not the kind of fan who likes to run too much in the airport >.<)

When we got to the bus area,
KHJ went onto the second bus behind.
All the fans were not allowed to get on though, everyone had to go by the first bus.
However, because “S” and I were behind, by the time we reached the area, the first bus was full.
So we move to the second bus.
Surprisingly, the bodyguards allowed us to pass and board the second bus…!

So we took the bus with KHJ!! May & Agnes also managed to get on as well. ^_^
Was really really lucky. I think it might be because we did not talk to or bother KHJ at all.
Maybe they did not even think we are fans. ^_^
Just stood beside him on the bus (he was standing) and look at him.
KHJ had his earphones on but he apparently can hear still, because he was talking a bit to his guards.


The ride was about 5-10 minutes long.
When we reached, we got off the bus first and walked in front.
Other fans from the first bus started to move towards him~

Because we moved out first and walk ahead, KHJ and his guards were walking as well and suddenly we found him walking just behind us.
We were moving up the escalator. He was like 2 steps behind…!
Was quite excited but I did not show it. Just continue to talk normally with “S” (only the two of us were walking in front of him)
We spoke abit to his Malaysian guide (he’s a crew who works at the airport)
But actually, I was peeking glances at KHJ’s direction.
He had a serene look on his face though, was quite relaxed and normal.
However, because we spoke in English to the guard, KHJ looked over and sort of frown a little, like he’s confused or something.
Actually I think KHJ does know we are fans, but somehow the guards doesn’t seem to know.
I was afterall wearing the same outfit when I went up the stage earlier in Singapore to take a photo with him..
I think he is a little confused why we’re talking to the Malaysian guide, instead of looking at him and talking to him? ^_^  (My own fantasy and speculation, don’t take it seriously ^_^ )

Then we walked on and move on to the next escalator (the long, flat one)
My friend, “S” was really funny and cute here! Because normally people stop and rest when we are on the long flat escalator, she did that as well, putting her bag down..
But she was so calm throughout that she seemed to have forgotten KHJ is just right behind us.

As a result, HJ sort of bang onto the bag with his legs ^_^  and he let out a super cute LEADER sound~ “uhhh~”
I actually wasn’t looking at him at that moment, but it was this sound that made me turn back to check what happened.
Caught his embarrassed smile just in time ^__^ *cute cute cute!!!*
I think he is really nice though.

The guards motioned that they wanted to move quickly, so we move faster so that they could proceed as well.

Reached the customs and we also queued with KHJ at the first/business class queue.


I think KHJ and his crew wanted to move out quickly,
so we step aside and let them queue first, while we queue behind.
The queue was super long actually. Not sure why. (This is supposed to be business class queue, yet the other people cleared customs faster than us)

When it was KHJ’s turn, he was at the counter for quite a while.

29-3 30-3

I think the counter lady was a little slow actually; even I was a little annoyed by her speed of doing things.
I think the managers were not very pleased with the wait either, because there are more and more fans who crossed the customs and were standing outside waiting for him already.

KHJ finally got passed the customs and he moved ahead to wherever he is going. (Poor us still waiting because we are behind KHJ ^_^ ) Didn’t see him already ^_^  We had our own cars waiting outside for us to take us to the hotel anyway.

However, we did see one of his bodyguards as well as manager waiting at the luggage belt waiting for their things.

I must share with you all too! KHJ did bring his presents from the fans home! ^_^  They were collecting them at the belt. Already saw some of it on their trolleys.


We didn’t stand around to see what else they collected though. ^_^
Went straight to the hotel after that and that concludes our night! ^_^

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