12/02 [news] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun ‘Sleeping Fighting Spirit’ in His Musical Challenge Has Been Unfolded

Repost with full credits
News: Nate
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun ‘Sleeping Fighting Spirit’ in his Musical challenge has been unfolded.

Recently on online cafe sites the photo titled ‘Very exhausted and collapsing Kim Hyung Jun’ showing Kim Hyung Jun, who has transformed into a musical actor, sleeping, has caught the attention of many.

In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun who seems exhausted was sleeping on the sofa among the cushions. Recently, starting from being an Idol, Kim Hyung Jun took his first step towards becoming musical actor, showing the evidence of a busy schedule in combination with the recording of the musical ‘Cafe In’ OST ‘Love Is’.

After seeing the photos netziens responded with, “How tired he must have been…I feel bad for him”, “The first musical cause one to shed tears to see and feel tensed at the burden you were loaded with” “I want to be the cushion”, showing their concerns.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun is the male lead in ‘Cafe In’, 1 person acting out 2 lead roles. And recently his duet with Mnet SuperStarK2 Kim So Jeong for ‘Love Is’ single has been released.

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