11/26 [news] Kim Hyung Jun, “Really Blissful” Tears at Musical First Performance

Source: Star News
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
Repost with full credits


On his musical debut stage, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun sheds his “really blissful” tears.

Kim Hyung Jun, after the successful debut performance of his popular romantic comedy ‘Café In’ on the 24th, he expressed his own feelings via Twitter.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “First time challenging musical so feels nervous and very stressful. Really put in a lot of effort, working hard with the mentality of a young actor, upon seeing that the audience are very happy and enjoying themselves, I’m very happy too~ “

He also added, “In the future will also keep working hard in order to be the Kim Hyung Jun who gets acknowledged.”

His management company stated that, Kim Hyung Jun after his impressive first performance on the 24th, left the stage in tears, and shared the thrill of a successful first performance together with his fellow actors and staff.

Production company SH Creative Works representative said, “Kim Hyung Jun’s sincerity and passion have charmed the actors/actresses whom have worked together with him. Through today’s first performance, everyone can see Kim Hyung Jun’s efforts that were put in to present such a passionate show, hence with regards to Hyung Jun’s first musical debut stage, we would like to express our heartfelt compliments.”

In the musical ‘Café In’ Kim Hyung Jun, one person has to act out 2 complex roles of being a sommelier Ji Min and the charming gentleman Jeong Min, thereby attraction even more attention. ‘Café In’ will be having performances until January 23.

The crew conveyed the message that, after the ending curtains have been drawn down and as he walked down from the stage, Kim Hyung Jun with tears welling up in his eyes, finally sheds his moved tears.

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