11/24 [trans] All about Kim Hyun Joong: One of the new generation star representing Korea

Source : Daily Yomiuri
Japanese to English translation by Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

As a leader of Idol Group SS501, he frequently visited Japan in the past.
On the other hand, once he showed his other face as an actor in Korean remake version of “Boys over flowers” in TV, his noble “prince style” acting immediately established solid popularity in Japan. Recently, he was invited for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony to sing (“Sunshine Again” ) which proved that his popularity has been expanding through Asia. On the occasion of his visit to Japan, we, Yomiuri, succeeded to see him for interview in spite of his tight schedule.

As he frequently visited Japan, he directly replied in Japanese to our questions if they were not too difficult without translator. His visit this time was to attend the Sky Perfect Award 2010.

Leader : As I got accustomed to Japan, I feel as if I were in Korea. I come to Japan mainly for concert activities, fan meetings, and so on for which I have much fun. I am very happy to be able to visit Japan again for the award.

Q : What do you think of Japanese fans ?

Leader : They are very passionate in supporting. I am very grateful. There is no difference between Korea and Japan in terms of fever. However, it is unique that Japanese fans paste our pictures on fans for cheering, while Korean fans use pen light, or balloons. I have never seen that Koreans waves such fans. Therefore, I was astonished at looking these fans with our pictures on them.

Q : Playful Kiss

Leader : Though Japanese comics are dramatized to Korean version, I still read an original Japanese comic many times. I feel bonded with Japan. From Korean’s viewpoint, the storyline seems to be a bit strange; that the heroin live in the house where the hero lives, even with their fathers’ relationship. For me, it’s comic !

The drama shooting started in summer, ending the cold weather season. I feel as if I experienced the four seasons. Though I was one of four guys (F4) in BOF, in Playful Kiss, I was only one male lead. Therefore, I was always under pressure, very hard from mental and physical viewpoints.

Though in Korea, the broadcasting of Playful Kiss already ended, it will start in December in Japan. On the other hand, a special version of this drama is now on air via YouTube for all over the world. This is the first opportunity for Korean drama to use YouTube for on-air.

Leader : I am very happy that countless number . of people in the world will be able to see this drama thanks to the brandnew format of broadcasting.

Q : How do you feel about attending the opening ceremony of Asia Games in Guanzhou?

Leader : It is a great honor for me to attend and sing a theme song on this occasion of Asian sports festival where people from through Asia come together, though I feel some pressure to sing a song in Chinese.

Q : Your solo album will be released in Asia at the same timing ?

Leader : Yes, I will also sing in Japanese. I hope that many people will enjoy it.
Acting allows me to live other’s life. As a singer, I can show you myself on the stage. Both of acting and singing means two wheels for me.

He makes his efforts in charity activities. Immediately after the ending of Playful Kiss, he had a fan meeting to see the final episode together with his fans. The full amount of the revenues were donated to support the activities of female high-school football. He is also expected to participated in “Message to Asia “, a charity event scheduled in December at Tokyo Dome where Bae Young Joong ssi will also attend.

Both of them also joined Japanese TV, “ Twenty-four TV” (another charity event TV program which lasted 24 hours) in August this year.

Leader : Both in Japan and Korea, the gap between rich and poor has been expanding. In Asia, there are many children suffering from lack of opportunity of learning, or poor environments. There are, of course, many people much active than me in charity activities. However, I can make the maximum use of my position as my fans can also support to help me. With the support from all of you, I would like to give support to the children in Asia.

Though his smile was very soft, he seemed to feel responsibility for the mission.

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