11/24 [news] Kim HyunJoong “Practised Asian Games theme song 5000 times”

kelemama : This is a piece of old article. Thanks to Xiaochu for helping to vet through my translations and did all the needed amendments. 정말 고맙습니다!

Hyun Joong ah, your hard work and effort has paid off eventually. You’ve received praises for your singing in AG which also awed many many TS and fans!! *claps* Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to your solo album!

Credits : SportsChosun + (English translation) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com + Xiaochu@Quainte501.com

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“Kim Hyun Joong is here!” “Wa, where, where is he?”

The moment he appeared will create commotion. This can be said as “Tsumani-level” popularity. In an instant, there will be a long line of people who are waiting to see him. Even Korea’s Women Football key figure Yeo MinJi also came up to him and said “I am HyunJoong oppa’s fan”, and took a picture together. It was Kim HyunJoong who walked towards his fans first, he is completely different now as compared to 5 years ago when SS501 made their debut. Kim HyunJoong used to be so shy in front of camera and spoke the least among the members. Now he can come out with over 10 poses by himself, always readily saying “Okay” to all sorts of requests from fans and flashed his friendly smile.

▶ Viewership ratings hit lowest, text message from Bae Yong Jun~

A day before the interview, he finished the (schedule) Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony and did a CF shooting, however Kim HyunJoong doesn’t look tired at all. Instead, he started, “I know that it’s only when I hurry up then it will be easier for everyone. Well, where shall we start?” “Is it that easy to be a top star” after saying this he asked “What is a top star?”

“I am just the same as any ordinary person. If people say “You are a top star” it will instead make me feel uneasy. I know that my responsibility became much more than before. I think I am afraid to hear words like “Why is he like that?” when I attend bigger events, so I clenched my teeth tight (put a strong front).”

This was the case for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony. He received the invitation to sing for the Opening Ceremony a month ago, since that day onwards, he has been listening and singing to the theme song more than 50 times a day. He also received guidance on the Chinese pronunciation from a Chinese teacher.

“I think I listened to it more than 5000 times in all. I listened to it even when sleeping. But surprisingly I don’t feel panicky at all when I am on the official stage facing the 100,000 audience.”

When being asked on his feelings about being successful as a solo, he smilingly said “I have not reached there yet. I am gradually getting to know and finding way to enjoy work and getting rid of greed.”

In fact, 1 year after ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he came back with MBC ‘Playful Kiss’ which only received single digit viewership ratings, a disappointing result. Because the drama was chosen right after moving over to Bae YongJun’s company KeyEast, the expectations from others was higher.

“The rating for first episode was very low, and (Bae) YongJun hyung sent me a text message ‘It will rise up after it hit the bottom pit. Don’t dwell over it too much’. Since there will always be a time where the ratings will go down, I think I want to experience that soon. I learnt of ways to manage difficulties, and I guess there is always a way out somehow. In addition, there is also hope that I might receive recognition in overseas other than in Korea. I do not want to regret.”

Bae YongJun is a great senior who is like a role model when it comes to common census in manly affairs.

“After the contract ended with DSP Entertainment, there are many rumors. Actually, even though I wanted to go to YongJun hyung’s company, but it is difficult for me to approach him directly. One day, I said I am troubling over the matters of the company, YongJun hyung said that he will introduce the representative from his company to me and asked to meet up. But the representative came to the meeting with a contract. (laughs) I wanted it to turn out well.”

▶ Lee Jeok hyung, please give me a song!

Kim HyunJoong’s Star Power is not lesser than ‘Yonsama’. One passionate fan has been following him in all the shooting scenes of “Playful Kiss” and lost a total of 30kg in weight, this has been widespread among the fans. This is all because as a girl she wants to look good before him. Not long ago, singer Lee Jeok confessed in his concert, ‘I regretted that I rejected the proposal of Kim HyunJoong’s remake album. This is the most regretful thing since my debut.’ In ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong performed Lee Jeok’s “Waiting” and won lots of popularity, at that point of time Lee Jeok’s rejecting the proposal for Kim Hyun Joong’s remake album with the reason “The story behind the song is about myself thus no way”. Now, Lee Jeok even put himself down and sent out this love call, “I will let Hallyu star Kim HyunJoong to sing my song, I can even play the guitar for him. If there’s anybody who is close to Kim HyunJoong, please convey my intentions to him.” Upon hearing this incident, he voiced out his doubts “I’m not sure, is this just a lip service?”

“If he is giving me a song, of course I’m very grateful for that. I have plans to release my solo album next year, it will be great if he is really giving me a song. Lee Jeok’s ‘Rain’ is a classic piece. I haven’t met him before, I hope to meet him one day to talk about songs.”

As an actor, he wanted to meet Lee ByungHun the most. A day before the interview, he saw “I Saw The Devil” among the 1000 over DVDs that fans gave as a gift to him, and he spent the whole night looking for all of Lee ByungHun’s work pieces to watch.

“It made me think that if it’s me, how I will be able to express realistically on such a devil’s role. I past by Lee ByungHun in a restaurant once, but was too shy at that time to say hello. I heard he will be participating in this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, I also wish to challenge acting in movies around next year.”

▶ Independent living, all meals are through delivery~

Born and raised near Songpa-gu Olympic Park, he started his independent life this year, paying monthly room rental. During middle school and high school days, he had taken up part-time jobs like fried chicken delivery, service crew, etc, nothing he has not tried before. He is particularly filial to his parents who runs a business in Dongdaemun’s fashion retail market. One day, he felt upset seeing the wrinkles showing on his aging mother’s face, so he bought cosmetics as a gift for his mother, and after that he hid inside the restroom to cry. After broadcast of “Boys Over Flowers” ended, Kim HyunJoong pleaded to his parents “Now you can end your business and I hope you can live a comfortable life”, when being asked about his parents “Are they living comfortably now?”, he said ‘They are still running the business, I don’t have the intention to stop them anymore’ and he added ‘Because I knew how important it is for them to have something to do, but instead, I will give them allowances every month.’ Although he doesn’t live with his parents, it isn’t any major issue because of his past which is so different from the other, i.e he ran away from home to live an independent life during middle school days, started a fried chicken business with friends and had extensive experiences as an entertainer.

“I can’t disclose where I’ve moved to. People in my neighborhood didn’t recognize me too. My meals are mostly take-outs, I will put on a cap and lower my head and just passed the money over, don’t know if they think I am a suspicious person. (Laughs)”

When being asked “Won’t boring time pass faster sometimes when you use Twitter?”, he said “One of the artistes that is going against time is none other than me” pointed to himself as he made this sentence.

“In the past, I cannot understand why father doesn’t know how to use a TV remote control. But now living a life of an entertainer, at some times I had became a mechanical idiot. I don’t really play Twitter or surf the internet. I won’t play even if I feel bored. Frankly speaking, I think it is far better, economically and mentally, to download and listen to songs than to spend time decorating mini hompy.”

My plan for next year is to release 2 albums, filming drama and movie, and also to have Asia Fan Meeting Tour.

“It is fine for me even if it is not a lead role. I will act something that I want to even if it’s supporting role. Directors please come look for me, what should I do if they don’t? Haha”

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