11/23 [news] Football craze Kim HyunJoong met Yeo MinJi

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?i…ceDate=20101123
Chinese Translation: YOYO@Baidu Tieba KHJ
English Translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com + XiaoChu @ Quainte501.com
Request from translator to NOT repost to site related to WGM

‘Football craze’ Kim HyunJoong and ‘Hope of ladies football’ athlete Yeo MinJi met out of a sudden. Yeo MinJi scored 8 goals in the under 17 Women’s World Cup last September, and is the ‘monster’ leading Korea to their first win in a FIFA event. She is also the recent Asia Football Confederation (AFC) ‘Youth of the Year’ award winner, is full of influence. Through the introduction by Sports Chosun, both of them couldn’t hide their surprised. ‘Oppa’ Kim Hyun Joong replied happily: “Wah! You play football very well”, ” starting first by greeting her ‘dongsaeng’, Yeo Miji smile shyly.

During Elementary School time Kim HyunJoong has wish to be a football player and it is known that he loved to play football. Recently when he was free he would join his previous football members to play football. The artist football team ‘MENG’ formed by JYJ member Jejung, Yoochun and Junsu and ‘Flower Boy’ KimBum, ‘Kim TaeHee’s brother’ Lee Wan and other super luxury celebrity team. At the same time he even form team ‘Hanwoori’ with his brothers in his town, become ‘double agency team member’. His striker position is similar to Yeo MinJi. However position is not significant for a neighbourhoold football. “After goal will rush around messily. Difficult to match schedule of artist friends, will join ‘Hanwoori’ more often. Last week, played at ApguJeong-dong sports stadium until 2am.” Kim HyunJoong said. Recently Kim HyunJoong donated all proceeds from his MBC TV Drama ‘Naughty Kiss’ special activity, equivalent to 23 million won worth of football equipment to the Women’s Football League, using action to convey his love to football.

Both of them has wore gray suit coincidently, standing infront of the camera, both of them looked like brother and sister. Yeo JiMin who is ‘Kim HyunJoong fan’ shyly reveal: “More charming in real life.” When holding fist doing the support gesture both looked very nice. “Lets meet together to have a drink” towards Kim HyunJoong oppa sudden suggestion Yeo JiMin noded vigorously in response.

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