11/22 [news] Why Park Jung Min new song MV has a cross dress dancer?

Source: Star.mk.co.kr
Korean to Chinese Translation: 笑儿 @ http://www.parkjungmin.com.cn
Chinese to English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


SS501 member Park JungMin new song ‘Not Alone’ MV preview released on 22 November.
Specially is in the new song ‘Not Alone’ MV preview, include transvestite dancers and also cross dress dancer Hero and other eye-catching characters, gaining a lot of attention. Park JungMin agency CNR media related personnel revealed: “The title song ‘Not Alone’ mainly wanted to convey the meaning of although leaving the members and standing on stage alone, however there’s a lot of people around him giving him cheer and support. Also wanted to express and wish himself can also included people which couldn’t be understood by others. In this MV, in order to show the feeling of a person which was single out, he specially invited cross dress dancer Hero to personally participate in the MV, giving everybody some room of imagination in the performance.
Also, Park JungMin currently is guesting in a musical in Japan. Other than this, the attention that Park JungMin is getting is not only this, Japan TV personnel and TV production team has even personally went to the musical waiting room to conduct meeting with Park JungMin.
Park JungMin’s new album will start on sale via all online music site on 25 November.

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