11/22 [news] HyungJun “Fits well with musical actors/actresses?”

Korean to English translation by wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
Reposted at liezle.blogspot.com

Male Idol group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s participation became the subject of the production briefing meeting as the “Cafe-in” Musical had its local opening performance on the 24th of November and will run for 22 afternoons at Baekam Art Hall, Gamseongdong, Seoul.

As the pure/innocent local production of the musical “Cafe-in” uses alluring and interesting expressions of coffee & wine, the highly dense production team has received good critics for the work from the audience.

From the performance of “Music in my heart”, “Single” etc, the audience has acknowledged Director Sung Jae Joon’s personal screenplay and directing, well-known skilled composer from the Broadway Kim Hye Yong, the best music director Won Mi Sol in the Musical area, and many more from the local’s top staff members have participated as well.

Previously in August, following season 2 opening of Hallyu star Kang Ji Kwan’s performance in Japan, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s year end performance has been getting a lot of attention.

Kim Hyung Jun is doing a performance on the stage.

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