11/22 [news] ‘Cafe In’ Kim Hyung Jun “Love tips? All about having generous style”

News: TV Report
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
Repost with full credits


Group SS01 member Kim Hyung Jun frankly revealed his love experience.

Kim Hyung Jun who had a press media presentation on 22nd, at 2pm, Seoul Gangnam-gu SamSeong-dong Baekham Arts Hall, showcased his eloquence.

Kim Hyung Jun is acting as barista Ji Min who is a love expert in the story plot, and was being questioned, “In reality, are you also a love expert?” His reply, “I’m not a love expert” has attracted much attention.

Next, when Hyung Jun was replying to the question about secrets tips to love, he gave a surprise answer, “In the past if I meet someone that I love, wouldn’t know how to proceed, but recently had picked up a few tips while performing in the musical.”

Kim Hyung Jun also expressed that, “Although being amorous is not the same as my usual style but the way I love is also the generous type of style. Feels that only being like this, it would then proceed smoothly. Just like a fool”, which therefore resulted in laughter from the reporters.

Meanwhile, Musical ‘Café In’ is about a romantic story between a petulant barista Sae Jin and the sommelier Ji Min who harbors an ulterior motive and is being acted out by actors Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Tae Han, Sin Eui Jung, Woo Geum Ji. ‘Café In’ would be raising its curtains for performance from the 24th this month to January 23 at Seoul SamSeong-dong Baekham Arts Hall.

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