11/16 [news] Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng 1st Fan Meeting (Japan) Details & Private DVD Release

I used online translators so might not be really accurate though.

Credits : http://www.kj-net.jp/youngsaeng_kyujong/index.php + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



[DVD + Tickets = 15,800yen] Shipping charge of 800yen is required
# 1st Fan Meeting Private DVD 6,900 yen
# Fan Meeting Ticket 8,900 yen
Sales for tickets are only available through this website.

Contents :
Popular Korean pop group “SS501” currently on hiatus, its members YoungSaeng & KyuJong will be here in Japan for their first solo performance. They will show videos of themselves when they’re resting and traveling overseas.

DVD & Photobook :
1. DVD Disc 1 – Overseas location
2. DVD Disc 2 – The making of
3. Photobook + Content
Contents may vary slightly from above
Expected release date : End March 2011

Fan Meeting :
Shibuya CCLemon Hall
22-January-2011 (Sat) 18.30hrs.
Numbered seating, with high-five session.

Payment method :
Bank Transfer

Ticket Sales :
17-November-2010 (Wed)
Priority sales to KJ-Net members
If tickets are sold out to members, then there will be no general sales to public.

Notes :
1. Each applicant can only buy maximum 4 tickets
2. For applicants purchasing 2 or more sets, the goods will be mailed to the one applicant only.
3. Video and photo taking is prohibited at the event. Checking is conducted before entrance.
4. If event is forced to cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, full refund will be made. Thank you for your understanding.
5. Please refrain from the buying tickets from resale. You may be denied entry by the organizer if being found out.
6. At the event venue, we will ask those who do not follow the organizer’s instructions, and disturbing behaviors to others, to leave.

Seating Arrangement :
Enrolment is by first come first serve.
Seats are assigned by random (lottery).

Shipping of goods :
Tickets will be sent 1 week prior to event by KJ-net Inc.
Image Inc is the consignment company for the delivery service.

Contact us :
KJ-NET Inc. URL: Http://Www.kj-Net.jp
Address : 542-0081 3-2-25 ARAGAYA Minamisenba Building 5F Chuo Ward, Osaka
Operating Hours : 10:00 to 18:00 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Tel :06-6241-6851 / Fax :06-6241-6792
E-Mail: Info@Kj-Net.jp

Planning & Production :
KJ-net Co. Ltd.

Sponsor :
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

Co-sponsor :
Hallyu Cafe & Shop ARA / Rediscover Korea (Image Inc.)

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