11/10 [info] KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul Event Details

Source: http://ticket.auction.co.kr/Home/Perf/PerfDetailInfo.aspx?IdPerf=10013
Korean to Chinese Translation: http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
Chinese to English Translation: http://PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Event 1
Please raise your question regarding anything which you are curious towards KyuJong & YoungSaeng~
Questions which everybody send over will be answered in the fan meeting.

Event 2
Please send us your story~!
Meeting them for the first time… story until now… words you wish to convey to them…
No matter what kind of story is also alright. Please use UCC to compile and send your story to KyuJong & YoungSaeng.
Among the self made UCC received, will be selected and show in the fan meeting. Hope everybody participate more.
(*UCC is user created content, means videos which is made by yourself)

Collection Period: 2010.11.08 (Monday) – 2010.11.28 (Sunday)
Collection Method: Please send to maysent@hanmail.net. Please include in the subject header, the Event number that you desire to participate in [and Event sequence] (Will contact individually if selected, please include your email address and contact method properly)

Details of FM is similar as previous translation.

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