11/03 [trans] Heo Young Saeng’s father Cyworld Message for YoungSaeng’s Bday

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=927787412
Translation: wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Year 1986 November 3rd, 9:45PM
I heard the cry of light that could wake the world
unclothed and bare,
the first sound you made is a crying sound.

This crying sound is the language of happiness.
It’s a sound that allows the world to be brightened by its light.

A prayer is the brightest in the world.
Receiving protection from the angels,
I hope you will always enjoy a smooth and safe journey
thus we named you “Young Saeng”

At the same time, I prayed that you will always remember this name.
Also, forever preserving it through love…..

With all my heart, I wish my most precious and beloved son a happy birthday

You’re always alone and it’s lonely
My son, who said “give me a younger brother!”
Now it seems just like your very wish (has come true).
With Triple S around
you will never be alone again!

Because of your love, you have also obtained love
I hope this will become something that you will remember forever.

Now my son’s path ahead,
even though it is not smooth or glamorous
yet it is very long, very high and very deep.
It can guide you to the road of happiness and bliss.

Young Saeng!
Happy Birthday!

Today is a day that belongs to you
Because of my son, I am living very happily.

I love you.
My son!


Note from wonderrrgirl~

About his name ‘Young Saeng’:
Perhaps some of you are aware that Korean names are actually derived from a list of hanja characters.

Young Saeng’s Hanja name is: 永生(Yong-Sheng)

The meaning of his name implies “Always living” or “Always reviving again” where:
永= Forever

Thus that is what his dad meant when he said he named him Young Saeng, in hopes that he will always pick himself up and continue to move ahead on his path. ^.^

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