10/27 [news] ‘SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun & ‘U-KISS’ Ki Bum Appearing on OhBamAh together, Start Firework Battle

Source: My Star News (MD Today)
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)


Real brothers SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and U-KISS Ki Bum appeared on the same variety show, and their fierce confrontation has become a hot topic.

The reason why Kim Hyung Jun and Ki Bum did not meet at home but met at the variety show is because Kim Hyung Jun is the MC for MBC Every1 variety show [Midnight Idol] and the whole Idol group U-KISS has appeared as guests.

In [Midnight Idol] in which the MC team made up of Gayo seniors and Guest team made up of the junior singers would compete in various games, had their competition in the form of a sports meet for the first time. The two brothers, with Kim Hyung Jun in the senior team and Ki Bum in the junior team, would be having their first fierce confrontation in the comical game “Running Backwards” whereby they would be holding mirrors and running in a reverse manner.

With Ki Bum holding a large wall mirror and Hyung Jun holding a car’s rear mirror, they started their comical competition. However, because Hyung Jun made a foul during the competition by stepping on the line, Ki Bum emerged as the ultimate winner in the brothers’ showdown.

Despite being real brothers, these two people carried out their intense battle without giving way to each other, and their tense confrontation caused the cast at recording studio to burst out with laughter from time to time. Meanwhile, because of his showdown with his brother, the nervous Ki Bum started running forward immediately at the beginning of the “Running Backwards” game, revealing his comical side that does not pale in comparison to his elder brother Hyung Jun.

Additionally, U-KISS Soo Hyun who has attracted concerns over his looks which resemble Boom’s who is currently serving military service, also demonstrated how his carelessness surpasses that of Boom’s and his entertainment sense (ability) that is comparable to Boom’s.

Kim Hyung Jun and U-KISS Ki Bum Brothers’ showdown can be viewed on 28th, Thursday, at Midnight 12 am on MBC Every1 broadcast of [Midnight Idol].

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