10/26 [trans] Fan account – Got 3 Bottles of Soy Milk from HyunJoong

Source: caroline912 @Hyunbar
English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Excited throughout the night, I really can’t wait for a proper account, so I will write a simple account first!
Met Hyun Joong during the wee hours of 26th, the weather in Seoul suddenly changed, the wind was strong and it was very cold!
We bumped into him when he went to the supermarket to buy something! Knowing that we are his fans, he signed for CC, doudou and I and even signed to Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans.
As the weather was cold, after Hyun Joong bought his own stuff, he went to the take 3 bottles of hot soy milk from the heat box (miyo: sorry, can’t find the exact word for it) outside the supermarket and gave each of us a bottle!
Really very nice and sweet of him!
I’m so excited that I couldn’t sleep at all and I don’t even know how to speak already! So I just came here and do a simple account!
Autographed and soy milk pictures will be put up later after we have watermark it with our Chinese Mother Fans logo and together with the proper fan account.
Too excited!!!!!!! Feeling too blissfully happy!!!!


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