10/24 [trans] Fan account of Hyun Joong sighting in Incheon Airport part 1

2010/10/20 Going to Korea for a free & easy trip with my high school friends.

Chinese-English Translation : Wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com
Repost from leiruiw @ baidu (she did not mention who wrote this)

5 days 4 nights

Returning flight 2010/10/24, afternoon, at Incheon airport, I met Kim Hyun Joong

It’s not at the grand lobby, instead it’s at the passengers terminal beside the provisions store.

He seems to be here to catch a flight

Korea Air 10/24 KE855 from Seoul to Beijing 11:35am flight

At first, we are supposed to go to counter 28 to apply for a tax refund.

Who would have thought that my friend stopped me.

She said there is a very tall very handsome man who looks like Kim Hyun Joong, asked me to proceed over to take a look.

Who would have thought

With a closer look, that handsome backview indeed! It is my beloved Kim Hyun Joong

He is moving towards the seats near counter 28 to sit.

With him there is a male manager, a female manager and a body guard.

When he walked past me

I, who stands at 170cm, even felt that Hyun Joong is really tall in person.

He is wearing a black coat, with black jeans and black UGG (boots)

On his hand, he is carrying the “LV” male bag and wearing his earpieces, walking by.

Simply way too ~~~handsome~~~ What’s with wearing all black, even so how did he still manage to shine so brightly

The real him is so handsome this time he didn’t wear his black shades.

Once I saw him taking a seat, I immediately moved to the seat behind him.

Because I have learnt a bit of Korean, I first asked his female manager if I could take a photo with him.

She said no.

Then, I don’t want to run to the front of Hyun Joong to snap a picture it will scare him (He is playing iPAD)

So I just took a video first.

Me, who is sitting behind him gathered up my courage to ask him for an autograph.

Finally, after the male manager considered for a while, he tapped Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong then signed his signature for me ~

Photo of Hyun Joong’s signature posted on baidu:

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