10/24 [trans] Fan account – HyungJun Taipei Fan Meeting

Credit: elntsh1019 @ Baidu Tieba SS501 + (Eng Trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

This is just to share my memories with the group about the FM that I have seen
My friends said since already talked about it, might as well tidy it up and write a post about it.
Let me mentioned first, I am a person that don’t take photograph and also filming video
Also my age is high, so I could only recall the FM base on my memory
If you have seen the actual performance, please just keep an eye close
Shall not so more, serving the dish la~~

At last waited until baby organizing his FM in Taiwan
Originally I was still worried, the few days before FM was raining heavily
This children of rain is really true, therefore where ever they went would rained
Luckily after reaching noon, the rain had stopped, the heaven really gave some face
I when in to the hall at about 7pm, the number of people were more than I have imagined
Since there’s seat then don’t need to squeeze with people
Because the location is flat, like the Hong Kong FM.
This time they were very strict, so not much people are shooting (photo or video)
(Everybody please give your thanks to those fans that had risked to film fancam for you)
Just like to say, this time Ken Wu gave a lot of good tidbits to fans.

At last the program started
Starting with ‘I AM’, just like usual, Baby kept sending off his charm to fans, he seemed to have forgotten the existence of the the lady dance
After singing ‘I AM’, Ken Wu went out to be the MC, HyungJun started to use mandarin to greet all fans.
Ken Wu kept praising him.
Ken Wu remembered that our baby had been longing to eat XiaoLongBao, so he asked whether Baby had already eaten it?
Baby said he had it yesterday, and kept eating until his stomach was very full.
Ken Wu said, ah, your stomach is too ful then just modified the waist measurement of the suit then will do, as for the top part no changes are needed
Our baby really looked more macho, look at that suit, his body really became more fit
Baby tried pulling a little bit more of the opening of his suit, making the fans to scream

After that in order to allow baby to develop his mandarin skill
use a few question to test baby chinese level
First is ‘Hi everybody’ (Da Jia Hao)
Baby’s reaction was really fast, immediately he can speak it
Second is ‘I am Kim Hyung Jun’ (Wo shi Jin Hen Jun)
‘Kim Hyung Jun’ these 3 words, baby could recognize just by looking at them, but the first 2 words he totally can’t understand
But Ken Wu was more exceptional this time, he gave baby the answer using korean directly
Seemed like after having contact with the kids, Ken Wu did learned korean well
Third was ‘I love you’ (wo ai ni men)
This time baby totally cannot figure out what it was, after the translator talked to him softly beside him, he then started to count the number of words on the projected screen and started to read out.
The most excited part came (I have forgotten the sequence, forgotten about the middle part)
‘Welcome everybody for attending my FM’ (huan ying da jia lai chan jia wo de FM), this sentence was long enough right?
Baby kept shouting too difficult too difficult, here’s the point which shown the cuteness of baby, directly seeking help from fans
Fans read out word by word for him
Never thought that our Baby had such a good sense of pronunciation, after reading out twice, he can read out without missing a word, most important of all he could read the whole sentence with correct pronunciation
Ken Wu said: ‘HyungJun, repeat after me once again’
Below is what Ken Wu read and HyungJun repeat after him.
‘Welcome’ (Huan Ying) ‘Welcome’
‘Everybody’ (Da Jia) ‘Everybody’
‘come to attend’ (lai chan jia) ‘come to attend’
‘my’ (wo de) ‘my’
‘wedding ceremony’ (hun li) ‘wedding ceremony’

After HyungJun finished reading, all fans below were screaming
Baby shown a very contented look
until the translator told HyungJun the meaning, then he realized
kept saying ‘it’s not like this’ and ran over to beat Ken Wu

After that was the same item which all FM will have
That is for everybody’s memo, request HyungJun to pick few questions and answer
As he didn’t picked up any special the questions, so I also don’t remember
Baby looked and looked because most were words of encouragement to cheer for him, so it was very difficult to pick
In the middle there’s a question to ask Baby, what is the craziest thing he has done
Baby said when in Japan, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and him has once cycle for around 30km from their hostel, both he and Kyu Jong had slim down but not Young Saeng.
Most interesting was, Baby and Ken Wu both got engross with looking at the messages,
As I was sitting quite infront, could see the staff, they were making the circle hand signal to Ken Wu, wanted him to finish this item, but Ken Wu totally ignore them
Baby and Ken Wu and the translator, three of them directly kneel down infront of the board and search and search
Ken Wu said you also can’t understand, what are you looking for
Finally then baby said because just now he saw a memo related to Choco, so he kept looking for it
He also said now the present fan gave were mostly for Choco
Finally Ken Wu can’t stand it anymore, directly requested Baby to report Choco’s condition recently
Baby said, Choco is now 1 year old, when young she was 1kg and now became 8.5kg
And then currently he was looking for a boyfriend for Choco

(The sequence behind I can’t remember clearly)
Then started to play games
This time FM they get quite a lot of fans on stage, all the fans were so happy
Baby not only shake hand with each of the fans on stage
Just like that game which you had to shout to the decibel meter ‘HyungJun I love you’, whoever which the highest decibel will win
When Baby demonstrated himself, his reading was about 126
Basically most of the fans reading were around this figures (ladies, their voice usually were not high)
He almost companion beside each fan, when there’s fans which couldn’t shout, he would encourage them

There’s only a fan who shout, 130+ (readings), shocking baby
Finally she was No.1, I forgotten what was the prize
In the middle there’s a fan who kept couldn’t shout, and feel very sad, baby even touch her head
Almost all those who won in a game, would be able to hug baby
Basically would get to take a Polaroid shoot
There’s chances to take photo how could they don’t hug
After chatting for a while, they allowed Baby to go backstage to drink water

Never thought that, Baby actually walked out from the back of hall,
singing ‘Men from Mars’ and directly walked past fans seat, wah~~~~~ the fans behind totally went crazy
He was completely surrounded, Baby and the guard was squeeze up till they couldn’t figure out where was the stairs to the stage
This time the guard were very stress, they were all standing beside him, there were a few staff kneeling down infront, those staff were extremely stress, fearing that the fans will rush over
I was sitting there looking at those staff wanted to move forward but couldn’t, really funny
This time when singing ‘Mars’, our baby seemed to forgotten the existence of the lady dancer again
Everybody sang along with him, he was very high

After this still get fans to go up to play game. This time baby had to wear a ear piece and sing song to let everybody guess
First question not only Baby couldn’t answer, even all fans also can’t answer
We totally couldn’t figure out what baby is singing
Of course there’s Chinese lyrics but baby couldn’t sang it out
Let me tell you the answer then you will understand why
Because that was the cartoon ‘Spongebob Baby”s theme song
Once that music were played, all the fans went ‘ahh~~~~’
The 2nd song was even more fun, when baby was singing, I thought the music sounds very familiar,
but it was a little weird, but on stage there’s somebody guessing it right
Answer is Jiang Hui’s ‘Life of Artist’, in Taiwanese ah
3rd song once baby heard he started to laugh, directly started a rap
All the fans below knew the answer, fans on stage there’s people burst their balloon to answer
Oh ya, to answer, every fan had a balloon, if they want to answer they gotta burst their balloon then can answer
The result was the 1st person to answer didn’t got it right, then it was immediately replaced by another person
This song definitely everybody would know
Then baby started to dance the choreography, once he danced everybody knew the answer
Correct, that’s ‘Love Ya’
Person with correct answer got to take a photo and a hug

Following by this what was that, let me think about it, I was getting a bit confuse
After that was since baby mentioned that he wanted to go to the night market
Because he can’t go, so they shifted the things in night market here
Food ‘Shantong Duck Head’, ‘Pig blood cake’ and also ‘Bitter Tea’
When baby saw that duck head, he was scared
He took up the entire place to show everybody, accidentally spilled it
only left the duck head, baby that high pitch screaming came out again
He was looking at the duck head and shout: ‘Isn’t that the face’
Finally picked a fan to go upstage to be a couple with baby, pretend to go Shilin Night Market to play, then play throwing darts
Taiwan very famous game, placing balloons in a 3×3 box, using the darts to shoot, the more you burst them, the higher the point
If baby won, then he would picked something to let the girl to feed baby eat
If baby lost, then the girl will pick something to feed baby, plus one cup of bitter tea
No matter what, Baby gotta eat
Baby was really not good in exercise, for a total of 9 balloons, out of 10 darts only managed to break 2, but that girl managed to burst 5 or 6
Baby was very angry and walked directly to the board and use the darts to burst the balloons
Finally the girl picked the pig blood cake to feed baby
Baby carefully bite a small bit then couldn’t eat anymore
But he couldn’t run away from the bitter tea
Baby ran to the side of the stage, kept saying don’t want to drink, and was frowning
Finally Ken Wu asked the fan to bring that bitter tea to feed baby
Baby showed a frowning face, took a few deep breath, finished the drink at one go, his face was soooo bitter~~~~~~
Finally the game was completed, also took a photo and a hug
The tools were all brought downstage, baby can’t take the bitterness, and was angry
He directly ran to the staff at the side to request for bitter tea, the staff downstage thought he was asking for water and wanted to pass him water
But he said no, then the staff passed him a bitter tea
He went straight to Ken Wu, everybody down stage also go along with him, kept shouting ‘Ken Wu Ken Wu’
Ken Wu was forced and drank finish the whole cup of bitter tea

Basically I don’t very remember what’s in the middle
About mistaken Tiger Huang as Mal, I really must explain on behalf of baby
He was really not doing it purposely, because the photographs only revealed the eyes portion, and that eyes was really like Mal’s
Actually baby really very unwilling to go 101 with Mal (I think baby fear that Mal will throw him down from 101)

After that get around 10 fans to play scissor paper stone
starting to play with fan, first person play with baby
just the 2nd round, baby lost again, this time baby have to draw a picture of the fan
while drawing baby showed the look like an artist
He thought he had acted until very similar, who knows the video camera was filming from the back, he can’t hide it and was showed to all, what he had drawn, everybody knew about it right
Baby never thought that the video camera was filming, he shouted no cannot film and quickly stood up
Accidentally knocked down the drawing board and directly hit towards the fan, shocking everybody and also shocking baby
Baby quickly went over to check whether the fan was alright
In order to lighten the atmosphere, Ken Wu jokingly told the fan
Actually you were very happy that the art board fell down right, because I saw HyungJun touched your face
Making the fan felt extremely embarrassing
Then Baby sign on that drawing and even asked her name and wrote her name on the drawing and past to her

Until now the FM was about to end
At this time, Ken Wu said, this time Taiwan fans made a short video clips as a gift for you
This video clip were done using a lot of baby’s photographs and make into a video
Baby watched until kneel down and his eyes were all red

Finally it was a big gift which Ken Wu gave out
You saw that 4 huge posters at the behind the stage right
Ken Wu directly picked 4 fans to give
On top of it was even attached baby’s signature
Baby was very detail and asked for each fans name, because it was in Chinese, so baby requested the translator to help him wrote on a piece of paper then he copied onto the poster
He really wrote them very nicely
Not only signed, each poster also included a short message
After that each of them stood infront of their respective poster and took a photo with baby

Finally Baby talked about his thought, he said this time coming to Taiwan,
He kept worrying since this time he’s alone
He never thought that everybody will treat him so well, also hope everybody will continue to give them a lot of support
I have summarized his word a bit
Basically was to thank everybody for supporting SS501
He will work even harder in future, and will come back with the rest of the members

After he sang girls, the FM was ended.
Before the start of the FM, the organizer picked 30 person to go back stage to take photo together with baby
It was each person one photo, not like the previous FM 10 to one photo
And was using that Hello Kitty framed Polaroid to take the photo
This FM, allow me to see the cute baby as in my memory

OK, that’s all~~~~~~

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