10/20 [news] “SS501 Park JungMin Support”.. Chairmans fly in with private planes

Credits : http://ntn.seoul.co.kr/main.php?cmd=news/news_view&idx=56944 + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


With the upcoming album release on 25-Nov, a strong support unit for SS501 Park JungMin was formed.

After signing a contract with Sony Music Asia in Taiwan for them to manage his activities in Chinese-speaking regions on 30-Sep, on his way back, Park JungMin was being promised that they will visit him and that a support unit will be formed with Chairman Choi JinDong.

According to his agency, Sony Music Asia Chairman Choi JinDong and CNR Media’s partner Comic Ritz’s Angie Chai together with Taiwan’s number 1 channel WangWang Group’s Chairman, will fly over to Gimpo airport on 24-Oct on his private plane in order to see Park JungMin.

With regards to this, the agency’s representative said “Their interest in Park JungMin is really exceptional. The album preparation works are done in Seoul, they are curious about the album processes. And in order to take care of all the necessary matters, they will be forming a support unit and visiting (us).”

Currently, Park JungMin is at the heights for his recording, and he is also enthusiastically engaged in making proposals personally for the his very first local fan meeting to be held on 27-Nov.

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