10/14 [trans] Broadcast content of Tokyo MX TV’s ‘Hanryu Fondue’ program Episode 80 on 17 October 2010

Credit: MXTV Hanryu Fondue’s blog + (Chi trans) 曹治愈 @ http://www.parkjungmin.com.cn + (Eng trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

JungMin and Yumi

[Main Dish]

Today’s MAIN DISH’s customer is SS501’s sexy charisma Park Jung Min.
In 2005, he debut as a member of super idol group SS501,
September 2010, making announcement of his solo activities in Japan.
At the same time, his activities in Taiwan has also began, he who receive huge attention on his future activities participate in my Fondue Exclusive Interview!!
Has decided to hold his fan meeting in Japan, at the same time has also decided to perform in a musical.
Giving me good news that will make fans happy.

SS501 has once lived in Japan, he who is fluent in Japanese
Most favourite word is ‘Look completely like an idol ah’ OO!? (アイドルらしからぬ..)
Also, will have Questions and Answers board which has received good responses.
Park JungMin who describe himself as a famous Korean dish. And the embarrassing reason is…?

[A La Carte]
Related to JungMin, introducing restaurant and gourmet.

Park JungMin

Stay tuned~!

*Broadcast content might be change due to various circumstances, please take note.

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