10/12 [trans] Fan Account- Kim HyunJoong 1st Love Story, fan meeting in Japan evening session

credits; Lafone and liezle@blogspot

First Love Story DVD FM – Evening Session
courtesy of Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

Started : “ Thank you”

MC : Hyng Joong ssi, six hours passed since your arrival in Japan. Did you see many fans at Haneda airport ?

Leader : I am not sure. There seemed to be many fans awaiting Song Seung Heon ssi who was expected to arrive after my flight.

MC : What did you eat for lunch?

Leader : A beef & rice bowl because my manager bought for me.

MC : Could tell me your favorite Japanese words?

Leader : “quite quite “, “ most “ I recognized that these words are frequently used by commentators of soccer.

= DVD Digest of Bali  =

MC : What was your impression of Bali Island ?
MC : I agree with you. I had the same impression when I traveled.
Bye the way, I also asked how you felt about yourself who seemed to belong to this island.

Leader : You are asking about the harmony between Bali and myself, but actually I don’t know how to answer. I prefer to go to the South Pole rather than Bali island. I have been preparing for the trip to the South Pole, but the shooting place has been changed to Bali (4D talk, of course)

Leader : I heard that whales with horn only live in the sea of the South Pole. I would like to see them. After the drama shooting, I would like to travel alone, dropping by there.

MC : Do you frequently cook ?

Leader : Not frequently., but I can cook so so. If you do cooking by yourself, you can enjoy nice food with nutritional value, but it will cost you instead.

MC : How about the food you cooked in Bali (in DVD)

Leader : After one bite, staff spit it out. I put too much seasoning. Though my specialty is Kimchi fried rice, but they did not want me to cook it. Maybe it does not look expensive.


MC : Did you like your clothes ?

Leader : I liked the overall styling and clothes, I could not take them home which I felt a bit pity.

MC : What kind of styling you prefer ?

Leader : I just talked about fashion with my coordinator noona a few days ago. She said that my favorite styling was “ dark horse “ ? I have to confirm with her later ( * actually, his style was “ Goth style” , a bit punk fashion, )

Asked about the heart-shaped diamond ring used at the shooting,

Leader : This ring is vey important for me. It was a ring late-Andre Kim ssi sponsored for artists on the occasion of his last fashion show ( I don’t understand what Leader meant ) * it seemed to be a fake diamond as the heart-shape cut diamond is most expensive ( it is said that 50% of original diamond is lost for heart-shape cutting)

= Wedding ceremony DVD =

MC   : A few hundred fans participated in this shooting,. What do you remember most ?

Leader : It was so hot. I heard that it was very hot in Japan before I went there. Though a tens of people died in Korea due to heat, there were hundreds of death in Japan. Therefore, I was a bit scared about going to Japan. ( audience were burst in a laugh)

MC : A little extra girl was about to cry.

Leader : Yes, she was also sweaty and did not smile at all.

MC : When you talked to that little girl, she smiled and tightly hold your fingers, eventhough you said to her “it’s OK, we finished !”

Leader : Yes, though it’s a bit embarrassing that she did not leave her fringers, I was very happy because she was the youngest among my fans.

MC : She was the youngest ! She has never seen a nice-looking guy like you, that’s why she was so nervous.

Leader : In a few years, she will find a boyfriend.

MC : I think you look great in the sea. Did you swim in Bali ?

Leader : I rarely swim in the sea. I am confident in a river or a brook
I have phobia of shark; If I enter in the sea, I hear my hurt pounding. I am confident in swimming in a pool.

MC : What swimming style you are good at ?

Leader : Any style except for butterfly.

MC : Could you tell us about your aspiration, or challenges you would like ?

Leader : Recently I have many opportunities to go abroad where I feel that I am a tiny creature on the earth. I would like to travel a lot in foreign countries, visiting “seven wonders in the world”, the south pole, etc. I would like freely travel alone, with a backpack. I have also a plan a space travel and already checked the price which costs 200,000,000 won. If I travel in the universe, I will upload the pictures in the internet. (He is really aware of being “ space alien “ )

= Questions from fans =

Q1 What kind of surprise do you like to give to your most important people?

A: I remember well the birthdays of people. I usually send an e-mail to them.

MC If you add in your mail “ Just turn around “ and if your girlfriend find you just behind you, it will be fantastic ! isn’t it ?

A: Well, people usually go to bed around that time ( 00 am), I give my gift in the next morning.

Q2 Leader could read the second question and quickly replied “ beef rice bowl!”
Therefore, the question was what’s your favorite Japanese food.

Q3 What is your “ boom “ recently?

A: Many things, sport in general. I would like to learn tennis, golf and would like to play soccer more while I have to practice dancing, singing, and so on.
The problem is I don’t have much time to do everything.

Q4 What do you like to do if you have a change to transform in an invisible man?

A: I have never thought of it. I would rather prefer “ a teleportration”

Q5 You do not easily wake up in the morning. In your childhood, did your mother always have to wake you up ?

Leader : Actually, she has never wakes me up. I wake up by myself if I have something I really want to do. Even with bloodshot eyes, I will wake up and drive by myself.

Q6 How much do you like to sleep now ?

Leader : Frankly speaking, I would like to throw everything and sleep for a week. However, I’m still doing drama shooting, I have to keep my condition.

= Direct questions from three fans  =

1st lady I am in the 30’s. How do you feel ?

Leader :  What do you mean ?

1st lady As a girlfried, I mean.

Leader Possible. I am in the 20’s, 25 years old. I can accept till 35 years old.

1st lady I am just 35 years old !

MC How nice !

MC How about her fashion with red-color accent ?

Leader Very beautiful. I like her natural curl hair style, clothes as well.
Very nice.

MC Why do you like him ?

2nd lady He is frank !

2nd lady Do you have any plan about CD release, music activity ?

Leader After the current drama shooting, I will be back to music.
I would like to upgrade myself in music and would like to have an opportunity to show myself maybe in the next year. You can expect. I will sing a song in Japanese as well.

MC (to the 3rd lady) Your eyes are sparkling.

Leader : Yes, like the lady watching jewelry

MC : It means that you are the jewel stones !

Leader : Yes, I am ( in a laugh)

= Birthday celebration of DVD release =

MC : Wow, this time four candles ! May I look for another two ?

Leader : No, you don’t have to. Let’s try to find meaning of four candles.
How about music, acting, myself and you guys ?

In the meantime, the flame of the fourth candle ( he mentioned “fans”) was gone to the wind of air-conditioning of the hall.

Leader cried “ Oh, you guests are dead !” (the audience are burst in laugh)
The light was put on again, and Leader safely blew the candle.

MC : How about tasting the cake ?

Leader carefully picked up the strawberry, putting aside fresh crème.

Leader : It tastes strawberry ( in Japanese, again 4D talk ^^) it’s because strawberry ( in Japanese) (How should we react ???? )

MC : What kind of actor or singer do you aim ?

Leader : An actor and singer who can move people on a stage.

=  Dance Performance – Be nice to me  =

MC : Hyung Joong ssi is very unique, a person I can hardly anticipate.
He talked today very frankly.

Leader : Referring to the fashion style I like, I have just confirmed with my coordinator noona. It’s Goth style (a punk rock fashion ) But she advised me not to talk about what I don’t know well, otherwise people think that I am stupid.

MC : Wow you are too frank !

Could you give your last words to the fans ?

Leader : Thank you for coming today ! What I would like to tell you is
Please live with positive mind. If you take everything in a positive way, you feel relaxed, taking it easy. I would like to keep positive mind by myself and recommend you to do so.

PS On the occasion of BOF Fan meeting, he also mentioned to the fans
“ Please keep today’s smile and live like flowers “ It’s famous in Korea that he advised to his fans to calm down against the critic about his acting skill by saying “ Please live like flowers “

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