10/08 [trans] HyunJoong’s message for his fan cafes

Credits: ss501ode@blogspot


To YES family (khj.co.kr)
Be careful of flu
I’ll work hard right until the last so do keep guarding by me.. Hwaiting!!


To KHJ Perfect (cafe.daum.net/0606hj)
Thanks to Perfect I was able to receive much power amidst my drama shooting
I’ll continue to work hard for the remaining episodes to repay you all.
Food was delicious enough.
-Baek Seungjo-
Ah Jjom!!!!!


For the congregation of people who love KimHyunJoong… (cafe.naver.com/1004hj)
So do you mean if they don’t love me you won’t be congregated like this??
Some time soon you won’t be congregated already, then…humph k


To Miclub Powerful S (cafe.daum.net/khj-miclub)
Thank you always
I’ll work hard..
-Hyun joong-

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