10/07 [trans] JungMin in Japanese Magazine – 女性自身 Oct 2010

Original Source: http://jisin.jp
Magazine Scan: 104a @ PHeroMin
Chinese translation: 枫落缥缈@www.park-jung-min.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

[Magazine Translation] Park Jung Min Japan Solo Activitiy Debut Commemorative and Special Interview

September 17, SS501 member Park Jung Min announced in Japan he will start his solo activities with musical ‘Kizuna’.

In order to expand into the Chinese circle, he had even went to Taiwan at end September to hold his press interview; on November, he will release his solo album in Korea; he will hold his first fan meeting after his solo activity on 22 & 23 December; officially declaring the start of his solo activity.

In the ‘Josei Josin’ magazine released on 5 October, colour photo page which was taken a month ago during his interview was published.

Jung Min’s dazzling and sunny smile and his exceptional responses, enable the interview process to be quite happy. Other than his rather fluent Japanese, he has been diligently learning mandarin in order to invade the Chinese circle.

Jung Min who is originated from Asia popular group, has planned to increase his popularity in Korea, Japan, China and other countries. During the interview, he has frankly spoken that he was a little worried about SS501 future group plan.

Q: Now that your Japan solo activity is going to start, what is your opinion about acting in ‘Kizuna’?
A: Because it is my 1st work after being solo, I feel a little nervous and a little pressured, but I will work hard.

Q: Is Jung Min easily getting nervous?
A: Actually I am not a person who will be nervous very easily, but will still feel a little pressure.

Q: Heard that the musical ‘Grease’ has quite good response in Korea?
A: Yes, it was always the No.1~ Hahahahaha (Laugh)

Q: So is it due to no confidence?
A: Due to the performance experience in Korea, all the while until now there are a lot of invitation for various works, but I have rejected all of them. The decision this time to come to Japan to perform in the musical was also decided after considering for very long. Being able to perform in Japanese and to have acting exchange together with young actors, it is a new stimulation and challenge for me.

Q: Your Japanese is rather fluent, what should be done to be like you?
A: I had once lived in Japan together with SS501 members for around half a year time. Comparing to music activities, there’s a lot of free time. At night, after exercise, along the way, would went pass a toriyaki shop near the station. While eating alone over there, I would chat with the boss, after some time we have also became good friends. During that time, I can’t speak Japanese so well, even though everybody had tried hard to teach me. However, once being able to understand what they said, I would feel very happy. Recently, the chance to speak Japanese has reduced, and because not speaking for very long, sometimes even talking face to face I also can’t understand. (Smile).

Q: Are you learning mandarin recently?
A: Yes. Currently I am learning mandarin diligently, has been learning for around 1 month. When I was learning Japanese, I won’t buy Korean book, but would buy teaching materials which the Japanese people used to learn Japanese to practice myself, now when learning mandarin I also bought learning materials which were used to teach the chinese people mandarin to study.

Q: Not only in Korea, but also wish to have activities in Japan, China and other countries in Asia?
A: Yes, my aim is wish to have local activities in China, Japan and Korea, after that wish to be ‘No. 1 male who most wish to be hugged ‘ (Laugh)

Q: SS501’s Sexy Charisma, would you continue to use this nickname during your solo activities?
A: What should be said~ Definitely ‘Most wish to be hugged man’ will be most suitable. In future just change to this!

Q: As an artist with solo activities, what do you wish to show to others?
A: Is still like normal artist. I will still sing and play in different country, because I know Japanese so would think to have more development in Japan, whether be a MC or Radio station will work hard on it. Of course also wish to be able to use mandarin to complete this work.

Q: When would the mini album be released?
A: Currently it is just being put on schedule only. Because now I have not decided on how to do it yet, thinking of adding in some personal substances, but doesn’t want it to be a solo album which is full of individuality.

Q: Heard that you have attracted quite some reknown composers?
A: Thinking of selecting songs which fit my character. Hope to climb to the peak of Japanese pop music circle.

Q: In future, what type of plan do you have as SS501 Park Jung Min?
A: Althought everyone has different character, but everybody has acknowledged the significance or meaning of SS501’s group name, this is most important, I also wish to be a person like that. Just like SMAP, even though everyone has a different character, but they are able to enhance the group name to a greater height of development, I think we could do it also.

Q: Are your fans worried about SS501’s activities because of some rumours?
A: I didn’t hear any serious rumours when in Japan, same when during the period of changing management company, but now it has been over, everybody has hold onto the believe of ‘guarding and protecting SS501’. Because now it is individual activities, maybe it is difficult to group together, but I hope to release a group album in next year on the 1st May which has a very important meaning to SS501…. of course this is my personal thought, if everybody also has the same thought, maybe it would really be fulfilled.

Q: Hope your next year’s 1st May wish could be fulfilled!
A: That’s a very nice date, I hope to see our group name’s number to be written out. (Laugh)

Q: Anticipating Jung Min to have a lot of activities and television program in Japan.
A: Hope to have the more the better~ Currently there’s a lot of tv station contacting me, but I like to joke so is a little troubled~ Hahaha (Laugh). I am walking towards the target to be the No. 1 most wish to be hugged male.

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Credit: jisin.jp + 00lanse @ Baidu Tieba SS501
Photographs from an interview article from jisin.jp (Josei Jisin Website)

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