10/07 [news] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun Starring in Musical, Ticket Sales Open on 8th

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News: HanKyung
Eng Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s Romantic Comedy Musical [Café In] will start advanced ticket sales on the 8th for local fans to purchase directly.

Recently, in a short span of time, Kim Hyung Jun has been busily participating in various activities such as holding Fanmeeting in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan etc, work as a DJ at SBS [Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High], work as MBC Every1 “Midnight Idol” MC, as well as recorded the school song for SBS Hope TV Yoona School.

Kim Hyung Jun will be performing as the male lead in the Made-in- Japan Musical [Café In], through the 100 minutes long passionate musical stage, one would be able to appreciate Kim Hyung Jun’s acting and singing skills. Not only local fans are looking forward to this, overseas fans have also made many enquiries about ticket sales.

Originally, tickets will only be on sale 1 month before the performance, however, because of such immense concern, ticket sales will be brought forward by 2 weeks.

Tickets would now have to be purchased directly from the official musical website and not from the performance venue. Beginning on the 8th, tickets can be reserved through Musical [Café In] Korean website.

Musical [Café In] has received good response during its premiere from the audience in terms of the work’s completeness, and entertainment value, among others, hence now encore performances will follow.

This time it will be performed by SS501 Kim Hyung Jun in Korea during the end of year period, hence becoming greatly anticipated among the musical lovers, and has also become the Christmas Period’s Musical Date.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “It is the first time being able to spend Christmas and Year End with Musical [Café In] and the audience, I’m very anxious and I’m looking forward to it. In order not to disappoint, I will return in great shape to repay everyone.”

Kim Hyung Jun has become Asian Representative multi-entertainer through various activities such as songs, movies, dramas, CFs and others. While looking forward to his activities, his sweet romantic comedy musical [Café In] will begin on November 24 at Samseong-dong Baekam Arts Hall.

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