10/06 [info] Summary of information for Musical ‘Cafe-In’

Credits : http://www.musicalcafein.com/ + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hello. This is Musical Café-In.

Here is a simple summary of the play which will start on 24-Nov in Baekam Art Hall.

Venue : Baekam Art Hall
Period : 2010-11-24 (Wed) ~ 2011-01-23 (Sun)
Time : Weekdays 8pm / Saturdays 4pm & 7pm / Sundays Public Holidays 3pm, 6pm / Except Mondays
Ticket Pricing : R-seats 66,000won / S-seats 55,000won
Actors/Actress : HyungJun (SS501), Shin EuiJung
Enquiry Hotline : 02)3273-2223

Thank you.


Check out the official website for this musical http://www.musicalcafein.com/
And their twitter : http://twtkr.com/@musicalcafein

Seating map : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_1.asp
Schedule : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_3.asp
Baekam Art Hall location map : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_2.asp

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