10/04 [news] Various articles of Hyung Jun in the musical “Cafe-in”

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SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun has been casted to be in musical ‘Cafe-in’ as he begins his activities as a multi-entertainer. Kim Hyung Jun expresses, “Because it’s my first musical, and since it could also aid me with better harmony in singing and acting, I wish to receive good raves about this from the audiences along with our musical staff. I’m really nervous and excited”, “I’ll put in all my best for this with my 6 years of accumulated experiences as a singer as I step forth with my first step with an actor’s passion and initial determination”.

Romantic comedy musical ‘Cafe-in’ depicts the romance between a sommelier man and a barista woman by making use of wine and coffee as metaphors with tactful content and animated scriptlines to create an innocent and impactful musical work. Actor Kang Ji-hwan has taken part in investment for the domestic stand whilst also having decided to personally participate in the Japan stand’s musical to begin this upcoming 16th October, which caused some buzz. New Season 2 of ‘Cafe-in’ has been back to life last August, and will begin its end-of-year shows from 24 November onwards.

Kim Hyung Jun has already dwelved into aggressive rehearsals in order to digest his 2 protagonist roles as Jimin and Jungmin in the musical.



Idol group SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun will be challenging the musical ‘Cafe-in’ as the male protagonist for the first time.

According to the production company SH Creative Works on the 4th, Kim Hyung Jun will be starring as the male lead ‘Jungmin’ in the musical that deals with the love of a barista woman and a sommelier man.

Kim Hyung Jun has recently moved to the same agency as Kang Jihwan and because of that he has gotten the chance to star in this musical, in the total of 70 parts of the musical, he will be expected to appear in 30~40 separate parts of it all.

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‘Cafe-in’ was first created in 2008, this time’s musical that stars Kim Hyung Jun will begin next month 24th onwards until 2011 January at Samsung-dong’s Baekam Art Hall.



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According to production company SH CREATIVE WORKS, “Kim Hyung Jun has been showing a lot of himself all this while as a singer through various concerts with his acknowledged vocal skills and of course dancing skills, along with his beautiful looks, he possesses all of that is required as an actor. Though it hasn’t been long he’s begun rehearsals, the sincerity and passion of Kim Hyung Jun as an actor was enough to move us”, as he revealed the reason to why Kim Hyung Jun was chosen for casting.

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Kim Hyung Jun has been casted for the 2010 year end musical’s stand, and has now delved into drama rehearsals for his 2 protagonists characters as Jimin and Jungmin. In addition, for the sake of his 100 minute long musical, he is also undertaking gym training as well.



-4th paragraph-

Kang Jihwan will be starring across as the male protagonist for Cafe-in in Japan’s stand. Kim Hyung Jun expresses, “Kang Jihwan sunbae will be having his performance in Japan, me too, I want to give it my best in my domestic stand, and wants to receive acknowledgement from people like ‘Kim Hyung Jun is doing great’ kinda. Not just from fans but also the musical audiences, and from the many seniors and juniors”, as he shows his desire.


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