10/04 [info] HyungJun JP site’s Notice on Musical ‘Cafe-in’ Korea Tour

Repost with full credits.

Trans: OnlyJun (kimhyungjun.net)


On the coming 24 November, Kim Hyung Jun is confirmed to cast in the Korean’s musical [Cafe-in]!! Tomorrow at 7pm at our official website, there will be a FC pre-sale for the musical tour.

* Tour Name
Official viewing tour for Musical [Cafe-in] starring Kim Hyung Jun in Seoul

* Tour Features
1. More information about seats for the performance will be announced, which includes front row seats
2. Opportunity to meet Kim Hyung Jun for handshakes
3.Visit to Kim Hyung Jun’s new agency (S-Plus I think)
4. Caffeine’s Official Goods / Merchandise
– Kim Hyung Jun’s autographed posters
– 10 sets of paper cups (??? I dont know why either)

Musical [Cafe-in] is Kim Hyung Jun’s first musical challenge, we will be providing lots of support. Hence for his Japan Official Fanclub, we will offer a variety of events.

Let us all prepare to embark for Korea ! !
We welcome as many applications as possible from fans.

More details will be announced tomorrow at 7pm here at our official fanclub website. Thank you.

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